Mindfully Bertie’s Christmas Reflection

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Bertie wearing a Christmas Santa hat sat looking at a lit candle.

Merry Christmas 2016. Lighting a Christmas Candle to Diddley.

Let There be Light

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Let There be Light.

Being a Light Back in August 2015, when Diddley was driven to hospital, no one suspected that she would not return to Laurel Cottage. No one except herself, when Bobby overheard her whisper “goodbye”. Get your hankie ready… Over the years I sat with Bobby 2 in the dining room. Not neglected, but not the…

The Story of Bobby 2

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Bobby 2 in front of the team.

Bobby 2: Shopping Basket Extraordinaire. Bobby met Diddley when they both worked for the Highways Agency (HA). At the time, based in Dorking. They worked in separate buildings in the town. Bobby often attended courses in Diddley’s building. Important character forming lessons on:

Three Days in Yorkshire – 3: Middlesbrough

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Middlesbrough Station.

Over the Moors to Middlesbrough. The third and final of our “Just Three Days”. And so we come to the last of those wonderful three days in God’s Own County. Yorkshire. Middlesbrough. Sunday 2 October. The sun is shining and it’s a glorious prospect for the trip over the Moors to see Diddley’s Yorkshire relatives…