Merry Christmas from Laurel Cottage 2021

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Merry Christmas “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” Bertie: “Bobby … Can you tell us a story?”

There is No Such Thing as ‘Never’

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Never Bertie: “There is no such thing as ‘Never’, Bobby. I told you that in 2015, when you vowed to never go back to the Royal Opera House (ROH).” Bobby: “And I really meant it, Bertie. Years of wonderful memories had all been ruined in my eyes by the fateful night of 27 January 2014….

Finding “Serenity”

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This little Robin Redbreast is hereby christened ‘Serenity‘. Over twenty four minutes on Holmwood Common he transported Bobby to another world. A world where nothing mattered. No anxiety. No tribulations. No expectations. No exhortations. Nothing but serenity. For twenty four minutes. The time between the first and last photographs.

Railway Children 2021

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Railway Children 2021 Dear Friends of Mindfully Bertie. Each year we post an extra story about our chosen charity. Railway Children. We hope you will read last year’s and the charity’s website this year and contribute if you feel able to do so.

This Service is Cancelled

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(Includes Landscape Photographer of the Year). This service is Cancelled “This service is cancelled. There has been an incident at West Croydon. Please leave the train and return to the concourse.” We all did as we were were told, apart from one chap in the corner with noise reduction headphones who had to be tapped…