Happy New Year!

Happy New Year. “And a very Happy New Year to you too!”

Untold Story.

Untold Story. Next week is Alcohol Awareness Week. 19-25 November 2018. Details from Alcohol Concern follow. Also at: A very important issue that warrants a rare mid-week extra story to meet the date.

The Ballet.

The Ballet. I knew when he told me he was going to the ballet it would be a problem. It always is. Not Covent Garden, but a packed Dorking Halls. The Royal Opera House screening live to 1,500 cinemas in 35 countries.

Life as the Other Half of an Alcoholic.

Life as the Other Half of an Alcoholic. Mindfully Bertie commends the Daily Telegraph for publishing the article below. In doing so, we see an opportunity to also commend an organisation whose sole purpose is to help those who suffer from other people’s drinking. Those affected by an alcoholic. Al-Anon. Does not promote itself, but…

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