A Suffolk Adventure.

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Suffolk: Enjoying the Local Delicacies.

The Adventure Club: Suffolk. Bobby worked for the Highways Agency for nearly twenty years. During that time he made some wonderful friends that are still friends today. Eight years after he retired. Back in 2006, he suggested one evening that his friends walk with him the long way to Laurel Cottage. Over the hills and…

Good Grief. You’re Doing OK, Bobby!

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Good Grief. Dear Friends. As you know, Bobby is a man of few words. I do most of the talking. This week, he is saying nothing at all! He was profoundly affected by an article in last Saturday’s Telegraph magazine. An article itself reproduced from a book… “Good Grief” by Julia Samuel. It gave him…

Paris to Munich.

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Paris to Munich.

Railway Journeys: Munich. Clerk Ordinaire, pen pusher, in civil service parlance… an “inky” to a civil engineer’s “oily”. Bobby is all of these things. When Diddley died what was the first thing to do? Correct. Set up a file. With a stationery cupboard looking like a mini Rymans, it was all there. A ring binder….

A Trip to Piccadilly Circus.

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Piccadilly Circus: 1962

Piccadilly Circus. Bobby… “We are going to a circus!” Bertie… “Wow… All that colour, lights, fun, clowns. You would make a good clown Bobby. You’re good at falling over…” Bobby… “Thank you. I’ve been called a clown many times. Usually derogatory. Anyway, not that sort of circus. We are going to Piccadilly Circus. They turned…