Finding Peace at Christmas in Birmingham

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Finding Peace at Christmas Birmingham Cathedral People like Bobby see life as a series of adventures. Big ones. Medium ones. Small and tiny ones. Even a shopping trip to Waitrose can be turned into a little adventure. To be an adventurer you need certain things. Finance, of course. Ideas, which he has in abundance. Energy….

A Peaceful Christmas to you all!

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Wishing you a Peaceful Christmas from Mindfully Bertie Cara Dillon  Standing by my Christmas Tree (or sitting on a sledge) Standing by my Christmas tree. Wishing you were here with me. The snow is falling everywhere But it’s not okay that you’re not there. Lonely footprints in the snow And where they lead, nobody…

Walking to St George’s

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Walking to St Georges “Everything in Life is an Opportunity” said Bobby. “Even snuffing it, for an undertaker” he added. Well, it seems that he now views the ‘very serious event‘ as an opportunity to live life in a more healthy way. It wasn’t unhealthy before, but did include quite a few cakes and fry-ups….

Christmas? ‘Appy Bleedin’ Krismus!

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‘Appy Bleedin Krismus Christmas Here he goes again, I hear some groan. But Bobby has a mission. When someone you love dies too young from alcoholism there are those like Bobby who try to redress the balance with honesty. You may feel he is being disloyal to Diddley telling you her secrets. But, of course,…

Feeling a bit Wordsworth.

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Feeling a bit Wordsworth. Bertie: “You OK, Bobby?” Bobby: “Not really, Bertie. I feel quite discombobulated. Certainly a little pensive. Maybe a bit vacant at times.” Tim: “I hope you’re not feeling at all maudlin, Bobby. I felt you were quite chipper when we met up just a few weeks ago. You really seemed to…