Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 6: The Cleveland Way

The Cleveland Way Each of those Whitby holidays was two weeks with grandchildren in August. The agreement was that Bobby had one day completely to himself. To walk along The Cleveland Way from Whitby. Either north towards Staithes. Or south to Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough.

Diddley at 60.

Our August season of anniversaries continues with Diddley’s birthday on 19th August. She would have been 70 this year. She left us four days after her birthday, five years ago on 23 August. But this is a celebration of life. Just like last week. Tributes to Diddley are listed at the foot but, for now,…

Missing You. Bobby’s Railway Adventure.

Missing you. Bertie: “Bobby… will it always be like this? Will we ever go to those places we love again? I really miss all those adventures.” Bobby: “I am sure we will, Bertie. But a lot of people like me will be too nervous to go for quite a while. All we can do is…

Contre-jour et Layla.

Contre-jour et Layla Bertie: “Bobby. We get lots of compliments about the photography in Mindfully Bertie. Have you got any favourite types you would like to share?”

Rob and the 840 to Whitby.

Rob and the 840 to Whitby. This Is Rob: This is the 840 to Whitby: Rob is nice. Bobby can be nice, but needs to try harder.

Three Days in Yorkshire – 1: Whitby

And so finally to Whitby. Whitby. The start of “Just three days” in Yorkshire. We left Joe (see Joe’s Story) at the famous swing bridge and walked on along the quay. A beautiful sunny day in September. The old life boat was advertising trips round the bay. £3. Not bad eh? So off we went….