A Tribute to Rosemary

Posted on 27/11/2021 By

Rosemary Bobby’s mobile phone rarely rings away from Laurel Cottage. His endless communication with the rest of the world being by all those other means at our disposal now. So when it rings it is usually important. Just twice in fact in nearly three months. Both, by coincidence, while sitting in the sunshine at the…

I Have a Dream

Posted on 21/11/2021 By

Bobby: “I have a dream.” Bertie: “Do you keep it in a jar?”

Parham: When the Americans came to Suffolk

Posted on 14/11/2021 By

Parham Bertie: “You OK, Bobby? You look a bit Uncle Dick!” Bobby: “Cream crackered Bertie. The buses and Sutton United yesterday were brilliant, but I’m knackered.”

The Treasures of Sutton Hoo

Posted on 06/11/2021 By

Sutton Hoo Bobby stood on top of the burial mound of one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. The marvellous tour guide was ending her tour of the Royal Burial Mounds to the gathering by asking “Does anyone know where the treasures of Sutton Hoo were kept during the war?” Naturally, he responded:…