Betty Boop

Finding “Serenity”

This little Robin Redbreast is hereby christened ‘Serenity‘. Over twenty four minutes on Holmwood Common he transported Bobby to another world. A world where nothing mattered. No anxiety. No tribulations. No expectations. No exhortations. Nothing but serenity. For twenty four minutes. The time between the first and last photographs.

Betty’s Story

Cor blimey and luv a duck. It aint arf busy at Mindfully Bertie at the moment. While Bobby ‘as ‘is ‘ed had stuck down the toilet in the middle of the night, some of us are getting things sorted. The cause of all this is the Little Pink Book. The most unassuming bit of rubbish…

Merry Christmas from Mindfully Bertie.

Merry Christmas from Mindfully Bertie. This is a simple story of wanting to thank all our readers and supporters and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Keep reading the blog in 2019. We have no idea what will be in it – as we had no idea in 2018. That’s part of the fun….

The Wall.

The Wall. This, in Laurel Cottage, is a love affair in three pictures. Most people’s favourite picture is of Diddley and Bobby at the Shredded Wheat factory. So, we are pleased to present to you the three pictures on The Wall.

An Outbreak of Common Sense.

Bobby & a day of Common Sense. Friday: Bertie: “Gordon Bennett Bobby! Are we really going to Flying Legends on Saturday and the Watercress Line Gala on Sunday. In a heatwave? Have you no common sense?” Bobby: “You’re not invited to Flying Legends. You’ve been before, and it’s too hot to cart you around.” Bertie:…

Blog for Betty Boop.

Betty Boop and Bobby. Bertie… “WHAT! You did WHAT! How MUCH? What’s she doing here? You have always said that no one could replace Diddley. No one could love you as she did, and then shove you in the madhouse the next moment. No one else could be Beryl the Peril to your Dennis the…