Room 311

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Room 311 Back in January 2016, we had an amazing piece of luck. Maybe we deserved it after losing Diddley just a few months before. I could see Bobby was restless. Suddenly, he had time on his hands. Suddenly, the worries of Diddley’s illness had subsided. Suddenly, he had freedom thrust upon him. A freedom…

If the Invader Comes

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“If the Invader Comes” This story is based on fact. It’s 1940 in our imagination and we ask you to accept that, for the sake of the story, we have changed the real date by four years. Bobby was born on 26 January 1944, near the end of the war. That date is now 26…

S I D (Self Isolation Day)

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S I D We started a story called “What if”. It’s still relevant and follows later. But, as we all know, the situation is changing so rapidly that by the time this is posted it will have completely changed again. So we are posting an exceptional mid week blog. Today, Monday 16 March, is SID…

Eamonn’s Day Out at Wisley!

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Eamonn’s Day Out! Bertie: “Wisley! You must be bleedin joking! It’s taters. Anyway, I thought we agreed that Friday was the one day you rested. You worked all day for the National Trust yesterday. I’m not going.” Bobby: “Fine. I’ll take Eamonn instead!”

Enjoying a Cotswolds Daydream

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Cotswolds Daydream Last year the sun shone and we “reveried” in it. This year the sun went as soon as it came. The black clouds gathered. And the weather forecast got more and more alarming. We had left the Surrey Hills slightly battered by Storm Ciara. Only to find that a much bigger Storm was…

Swift’s Hill. A Nostalgic Return.

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Swift’s Hill Each year, in February, we make a nostalgic return to the Cotswolds around Stroud. The Friends of the Islands of Skomer and Skokholm always have their reunion at Bishops Cleeve, near Cheltenham, in Mid February. This year’s was on 16 February. We come to re-enact our commitment to Diddley’s ashes on 15 February,…