Goodbye 2020

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Dear Friends of Mindfully Bertie On 16 March 2020, we wrote “Self Isolation Day” and published it two days later as our first mid week blog. A couple of weeks later we posted “Room 311”. This celebrated our last course with the Gentle Author in Spitalfields on 6 March. Our spiritual home. Since then, in…

Little Pink Book Family History

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Family History It’s clear looking back over so many years that facts become assumptions and can become pure fiction. Just like Chinese Whispers, I suppose. On the one hand we have the true facts, as verified by our Resident Genealogist Elizabeth. And then we fill in the gaps. Hopefully with inspired guesses, but never pure…

Merry Christmas 2020

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Merry Christmas to you all from Mindfully Bertie We hope you like our Christmas Concert.

Little Pink Book

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Bertie: “Ere Trev. Got a job for yer. You like messing around with Bobby’s childhood junk. Here’s an unusual one… What looks like rubbish to me.” Trevor: “Once again I must remind you, Bertie, that my name is Trevor. As voted for by one of our more sophisticated readers. Kristian in California. As with all…

Betty’s Story

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Cor blimey and luv a duck. It aint arf busy at Mindfully Bertie at the moment. While Bobby ‘as ‘is ‘ed had stuck down the toilet in the middle of the night, some of us are getting things sorted. The cause of all this is the Little Pink Book. The most unassuming bit of rubbish…

Dream Island 2020

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Richard and Giselle, our friends and wardens of Dream (Skokholm) Island, arrived for the 2020 season on 16 March. They finally left on 7 December. Each day there, Richard wrote an inspiring blog. Not just about the birds and the sea creatures, but also the scenery, the weather and life on an island in an…

Mindfully Arundel

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Bertie: “Bobby… Why are you cleaning the bathroom at three in the morning?” Bobby: “And the downstairs loo!” Bertie: “Why?” Bobby: “Can’t sleep…” Bertie: “You told me you had had a wonderfully relaxing afternoon at Arundel. So why were you going through those boxes of memorabilia at midnight?”


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Hello. My name is Hefyn. Pronounced “Her fahn”. I am Welsh. And a Hare. Hefyn means ‘summer’ in English.

If you go Down to the Woods Today

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If you go down to the woods today You’re sure of a big surprise! If you go down to the woods today You really don’t need a disguise, For I’m the only bear that ever there was Whose hiding here from Bobby because