Grandma’s House

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They loved that day at Spitalfields Open Gardens. Sitting in the beautiful garden of the Rectory of Christ Church was indeed heavenly, with the church towering above them. Friendly chatter with the little band playing in the corner. A perfect English country garden party in the middle of London’s East End.

Can it Kill You?

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“Can it kill you?” asked granddaughter Daisy. “Totally harmless, Daisy.” said grandad Bobby. “I picked it up and put it in the undergrowth to stop it being trodden on. It’s a BFG. Like me!”

Finding Serenity at Kingston upon Thames (Again)

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Kingston upon Thames Bertie: “NO! NO! NO! I’m not going. You must be bleedin mad!” Bobby: “You aren’t invited, Bertie. I am taking Trevor, to introduce him to Al-Anon and the Angel.”


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Back in 1985. The happy couple, as it was then, had an opportunity to borrow a motor caravan for a holiday. Modestly priced, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. And it was friends of ‘er indoors’ making the offer. Something the happy couple had never done before. North Wales. The Llyn Peninsular. What…

Spitalfields Secret Gardens with Eamonn

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Secret Gardens Bertie: “What a lovely garden, Eamonn.” Eamonn: “Ah! To be sure it was, Bertie. Tank you for suggesting I go to the open gardens. ‘Twas marvellous to be sure.”