I Don’t Believe It!

Who Bleedin Cares Anyway?

Bertie: “Are you suffering, Bobby?” Bobby: “Not ‘suffering’, but wary in these troubled times.”

Cornflower Blue.

Cornflower Blue. Once upon a time there was another Brompton in a box under the bench in the workshop. It didn’t move for nine years! In fact, it was only ever ridden twice. Back in 2010 Bobby had retired, but Diddley was still at work. And she was entitled to buy a bike under the…

Believe in Tomorrow Garden, Hampton Court Flower Festival.

Believe in Tomorrow Bertie: “Bobby, I thought you ‘bleedin’ ‘ated’ the Hampton Court Flower Show!” Bobby: “I do!” Bertie: “So why are we going then?” Bobby: “You’re not!” Bertie: “Oh! Thanks.”

The Speed Awareness Course.

The Speed Awareness Course. We knew we were going on this Speed Awareness Course. Of course! We wanted to avoid another three points. But Bobby was nervous about taking me in. And didn’t and discovered that even not switching your mobile phone completely off would lead to you being chucked out and the original three…

A Return to Salzburg.

A Return to Salzburg But first… We would like to introduce you to Sonny. Bobby’s grandson. The new recruit to the team of Mindfully Bertie. His title is “YouTube Technician”. But we think his ten year old IT skills will go way beyond YouTube. As the only grandson at the time, he and Diddley had…

When Little White Van met Little Miss Naughty.

Little White Van. This is the first ( and maybe the last!) story about LWV. Little White Van. The time he spent with Little Miss Naughty. As you can see, it is an alternative story written in the Mr Men book of that name. Scribbled in a Youth Hostel at Trefin when Bobby, in his…

An Outbreak of Common Sense.

Bobby & a day of Common Sense. Friday: Bertie: “Gordon Bennett Bobby! Are we really going to Flying Legends on Saturday and the Watercress Line Gala on Sunday. In a heatwave? Have you no common sense?” Bobby: “You’re not invited to Flying Legends. You’ve been before, and it’s too hot to cart you around.” Bertie:…

The Story of Bobby Ballcock.

Bobby Ballcock. I did warn you that revelations would be made as to where Bobby’s alter ego came from. The opportunity to tell you has arisen from a succession of circumstances.

A Tale of Two Cities: St David’s and London.

A Tale of Two Cities. Over just two days, Bobby and I spent cultural time in Two Cities. The smallest in Britain. St David’s in Wales. The next day the largest. London. Population over 8 million, compared with St David’s at 1,600. The link might have been cathedrals. The definition of “city” requiring a cathedral….

Thinkings of Old Bears.

Old Bears. The mist hung low over South Holmwood village. I didn’t want to go out in the damp. Not good for my mohair. Bobby wanted to go to football in Sutton and I thought “You go, I’ll stay here cosy and warm. I can listen to Kate Rusby again!” Old Bears Syndrome?