Guest Writer

Grandma’s House

They loved that day at Spitalfields Open Gardens. Sitting in the beautiful garden of the Rectory of Christ Church was indeed heavenly, with the church towering above them. Friendly chatter with the little band playing in the corner. A perfect English country garden party in the middle of London’s East End.

A Message from Oakley the Guide Dog

A Message from Over the Rainbow Bridge Hi, this is a message from Oakley the Guide Dog (retired) from the never-ending carrot patch. I am the happiest pupster ever here! I know I left a lot of leaky eyes back in life-as-you-all-know-it, but you just have to know it is a million times better here!…

We all have one.

This week we are delighted to welcome back our visiting contributor Andrew with a short story about life. We all have one!

An Afternoon Well Bunked Off.

Ivan Bunked off. We welcome back our friend and visiting contributor Ivan Tucker. He bunked off the other day while we were still basking in the Indian summer. Walking locally, just west of Dorking. Denbies Hillside, The National Trust estate and Westcott. Just a record of late summer heading towards autumn.

The Narrow Gate by Ivan Tucker.

The Narrow Gate. This week we are delighted to welcome our friend Ivan Tucker. A true wordsmith. Instead of pictures we ask you to imagine the scene as he walks along the bank of the River Mole near Dorking.

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 4: West Park, Wolverhampton

Bertie: “‘ere, Bobby. Tim, our Technical Director, says we can have this weekend off. He says he wants to show you that you are not the only one who can go out for a walk and take lots of photographs! Apparently there are green spaces even in somewhere they call the Black Country.”    …

EP by the Sea.

EP by the Sea.   With time on our hands we thought our readers might like a regular mid week short story. Here is the first one, written by Andrew (Bobby’s son). – – – – –

The Strawberry Recording Studios.

Strawberry Studios Back in January, we went to a football match at Meadowbank. The new state of the art stadium for Dorking Wanderers Football Club. It was a cup match, billed as the biggest game in their short history. A game against the relatively mighty Stockport County, from a higher league. This story is not…

Guest Writer: Bernard Bruty, Inspired by Flowers.

This week we are delighted to welcome back our visiting contributor Bernard Bruty. Remember “Ernie’s War“? Here he tells you about his mother’s passion. Inspired by Flowers This can mean so much in many ways. My mother Doris was no exception…

Tim, the Technical Director.

Technical Director. It may seem to be a bit pompous to have a Technical Director for something as trivial as a blog. But then, Bobby isn’t renowned for doing things normally. It also seems a bit wrong to be posting something so trivially amusing as this after last night’s events. So, please take a minute…