Three go to Dunsborough Park Gardens.

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Dunsborough Park Gardens.

Three go to Dunsborough Park Gardens. We absolutely loved Dunsborough Park Gardens. I loved the statues (see Information below). Anne and Bobby loved the flowers. We all loved the “Secret Gardens” which are hidden seemingly round every bend. Through each gap in a hedge. And… we really loved the refreshments provided by the day’s charity….

Trevor and Henry.

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Trevor and Henry: Lighting a Candle for Diddley - St Pancras New Church Statues. No Comment!

Trevor and Henry. Bobby: “Watcha mate. You’ve cheered up me old cock sparrow!” Trevor: “Whatever gave you that idea, you idiot! I can hardly breathe with this contraption on.” Bobby: “Look here. Your problem was saggy bits due to your filling. We could have paid to have you filled up, but Fliss reckons you are…

Sir Cliff Richard.

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Sir Cliff Richard: The London Palladium Reunion Album Cover with the Shadows in 1979.

In Praise of Sir Cliff Richard. Diddley did not like Sir Cliff Richard. His squeaky clean image did not suit a sixties art student heavily into Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Neil Young and the rest. Over the years, she introduced Bobby to all her music. He grew to love artists he had never even heard…

Life as the Other Half of an Alcoholic.

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Alcoholic: Al-Anon poster.

Life as the Other Half of an Alcoholic. Mindfully Bertie commends the Daily Telegraph for publishing the article below. In doing so, we see an opportunity to also commend an organisation whose sole purpose is to help those who suffer from other people’s drinking. Those affected by an alcoholic. Al-Anon. Does not promote itself, but…

Just Two Hours.

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Just Two Hours: "Wowwww can I go round on this?"

Just Two Hours (on 15 March 2018). Bertie: “Ere Bobby. The ‘Beast from the East’ is coming again!” Bobby: “When?” Bertie: “Tomorrow. Snow, ice. Seriously taters, mate.”