St George’s

Walking to St George’s – Charles Holden.

Walking to St Georges – Charles Holden This is the third and last of our trilogy centred on those weeks of walking to and from St George’s Hospital in the latter part of 2019. Why Charles Holden? Well there is a pub named after him opposite Colliers Wood Underground Station. But who was Charles Holden?…

Walking from St George’s.

Walking from St George’s. Pt 2 of a trilogy. For over four months we travelled twice a week to St George’s Hospital in Tooting. 32 times maybe. Many incorporated the previous walk to or from Morden Hall Park. Tuesdays always start at Al-Anon in Islington and then the Northern line from the Angel to Tooting…

Walking to St George’s

Walking to St Georges “Everything in Life is an Opportunity” said Bobby. “Even snuffing it, for an undertaker” he added. Well, it seems that he now views the ‘very serious event‘ as an opportunity to live life in a more healthy way. It wasn’t unhealthy before, but did include quite a few cakes and fry-ups….

Erik Adolf von Willebrand

Erik Adolf von Willebrand What is an eponym? Well, it is a word derived from the name of a person, real or fictional. A medical eponym is thus any word related to medicine, whose name is derived from a person. It seems to Bobby that many people have heard him mention von Willebrand’s disease. Or,…

St George’s Hospital, Ruth Myles Unit, Tooting

St George’s Hospital Bobby… “Once again my plans are hijacked. And, most importantly, I am without Bertie. Languishing in St George’s Hospital, Tooting. (Me not him). Sorry Bertie. The 999 ambulance couldn’t head south to pick you up.