Who Bleedin Cares Anyway?

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Bertie: “Are you suffering, Bobby?” Bobby: “Not ‘suffering’, but wary in these troubled times.”

Railway Children

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Mindfully Bertie is proud to announce that Railway Children is its chosen charity. We encourage all our readers to read what follows and consider if they can support this wonderful organisation. This is how the charity started:


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What a wonderful season Autumn is. In the past we have treated you to a cornucopia of golden leaves. This year it’s a little different for a million reasons. We desperately miss London. Ask us what we miss most about London and we would have to say St Martin in the Fields. A wonderful church,…

Sherrylea’s Story.

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Sherrylea gave us her email. It didn’t work. Oh well. Maybe she will pick up on Mindfully Bertie. That would be nice. The story that follows was told by her to Bobby. It was to have been checked by her, but is now entirely from his memory. Transcribed that evening like all the other Gower…

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 9: Gower – the Walk over Rhossili Down.

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Number 9: Gower – The walk over Rhossili Down This is probably the simplest walk ever described in Mindfully Bertie. On a day like that one in September 2020, it is quite simply sensational. It is a walk that really demands a fine day to take advantage of the spectacular views in all directions.

Ty Dwr

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Back in 1982, Bobby was told of a cottage that could be hired on the Gower Peninsular. A friend of a friend knew an affluent family who owned their own holiday cottage and hired it to friends and those who could be trusted. It was still the family’s main holiday destination. The cottage was called…

YMCA… A Tribute

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The full review is available here and we urge you to read it. The YMCA really is a marvellous power for good in the community.

A Wet and Windy Weekend

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Wet and Windy Saturday Bertie: “Cor blimey, Bobby. It’s chucking it down out there!” Bobby: “I’m still going walking, Bertie.” Bertie: “You must be bleedin’ mad!”

Wisley Titbits.

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Where once we charged all over the place: Up to London, to the cinema, to the theatre, the BFI, St Martin’s in the Fields, riding on our senior railcard, luxuriating with our free bus pass – we now realise that many pleasures open to us over many years have been neglected due to the absence…