Mattock Mike

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The Charitable Paths of Holmwood This week we are delighted to hand over our mid week blog to Mike next door. He may be the same age as Bobby, but has ten times his energy! A mattock is his chosen weapon. But first, a hefty sledgehammer. And all to raise money for his charity. St…

Tulips at Dunsborough Park

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Tulips Back in April 2015, Diddley showed Bobby an advert in the local newspaper for a “Tulip Festival”. It was at a garden he had not heard of. Dunsborough Park at Ripley. Not far from RHS Wisley Gardens. Just about this time, in April. They went and loved it. Particular the charity run garden tea….


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Kate Artistic people find all sorts of ways to express their creativity. Some paint wonderful pictures. Others find their love of music by making it or composing it. Some draw pictures of exquisite detail. Photographers find true beauty in their art. And, of course, writers love writing. Whether it be Dickens or a blog. Our…

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 2: Holmwood Common.

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Number 2: Holmwood Common Bobby grew up in North Cheam. Surrey then. Greater London now. In his young days, he loved cycling south to the Surrey Hills at Boxhill and Dorking. He made friends with a young lady. They were both still at school, but shared a love of walking in the Surrey Hills. Many…

RR Challenge: A Rolls-Royce competition for children.

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RR Challenge Rolls-Royce challenges young minds to design their own luxury car. Well here we are at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars where Andrew works. He has a real job to do in these troubled times and so it’s over to Andrew.

Making Movies – A Trip Down Memory Lane.

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Making Movies. “Tim has given me the task of choosing ten albums that greatly influenced my taste in music. One album per day, for ten consecutive days. No explanation, no reviews, just covers.” More than one Tim, actually. This was the Facebook challenge presented to Bobby one day. Just the one album. Totally naff idea,…

EP by the Sea.

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EP by the Sea.   With time on our hands we thought our readers might like a regular mid week short story. Here is the first one, written by Andrew (Bobby’s son). – – – – –

The Day They Cut the Moon Daisies Down.

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Moon Daisies. Corr… I dunno. I have never seen him so bleedin angry. Smashing the front door shut and storming upstairs to vent his wrath on the computer keys. I hid inside Bobby 2 with the other bears and hoped he would calm down. Next thing he is shouting on the telephone and we stayed…

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 1: Denbies Hillside Nature Trail.

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Number 1: Denbies Hillside Nature Trail Dear friends We live in strange times. It seems only right that Mindfully Bertie should bring you some sunshine. There has been plenty this week as we write this. At present, the government is allowing us one walk, cycle ride a day. We thought you could use your daily…