The Art of Kate

Today is a milestone. Mindfully Bertie has reached its 300th story. And this is the first since we returned to one a week on Sunday afternoon. We are privileged to have a very special guest. Our very own resident artist Kate. While some of us are good at expressing our emotions through music, others are…

Mindfully Bertie… An Update

Update Mindfully Bertie started in August 2016 with “Dream Island“. August 2021 will see us back there for a week if restrictions permit. When the first Covid-19 lockdown started, it soon became obvious that we and our readers would have time on our hands. So, we started a midweek, additional, shorter story. Tim, our Technical…

Some Benches

Bertie: “You OK, Bobby?” Bobby: “Not really Bertie. Bit fed up.”

Sing Blackbird Sing

There are many exotic songs in the bird world. For many, the Nightingale is the pinnacle. But for many others, the chance of hearing a Nightingale sing is slim. To be honest, we think the best song of all is the Blackbird. Early morning – late at night, they bring joy to your heart and…

A Year With Covid-19 Gone By

Covid-19 Reflection This week we are taking the unusual (first time ever) step of reposting an earlier story. For the very good reason that it is exactly a year since we wrote SID (Self Isolation Day) and it is interesting to look back and remember our thoughts. This was the start of our mid-week blog.

The Mental Health Circus

We are deeply saddened by the current media circus using mental health as a weapon to attack whose ever side people may choose to be on. Our own stance on the subject has always revolved around Bobby’s own struggles with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder).


Bertie: “Gor blimey, Bobby. Wednesday’s story about 2013 and the Samaritans was a bit heavy. Did it upset you writing it?” Bobby: “Not at all Bertie. When I walked over that railway crossing with David, I knew it was an opportunity to put a couple of things straight. And also to close the book on…

Mindfully Arundel

Bertie: “Bobby… Why are you cleaning the bathroom at three in the morning?” Bobby: “And the downstairs loo!” Bertie: “Why?” Bobby: “Can’t sleep…” Bertie: “You told me you had had a wonderfully relaxing afternoon at Arundel. So why were you going through those boxes of memorabilia at midnight?”

Emmylou Harris

Memories of California Emmylou Harris

One Foot in the Grave

Thoughts for Today. The Duxford Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Airshow this coming weekend has just been cancelled. It was inevitable. Leaving Bobby airshowless for the first year since 1954. But then, as you will discover during the next few weeks, his heart attack and subsequent cardiac rehabilitation has led him to a joyful place…

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