Finding Serenity at Kingston upon Thames (Again)

Kingston upon Thames Bertie: “NO! NO! NO! I’m not going. You must be bleedin mad!” Bobby: “You aren’t invited, Bertie. I am taking Trevor, to introduce him to Al-Anon and the Angel.”

A Very Special Night Indeed

Special Night Back in April, Bobby had been to his lunchtime Al-Anon meeting in Islington. The sun shone and he caught a 205 bus to pursue further peace and serenity in the Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park. Intending to turn his phone off, it bleeped nevertheless. The Bobbys of this world are compelled to look, of…

Are You An Explorer?

Explorer “Are you an Explorer?” the little girl asked. “I am” said Bobby. “And so are you.”

Flowers on the Coastpath

🌸Fl🌸wers 🌸n t🌸e c🌸stp🌸th🌸 🌸 Out damned spot I say. One two Why then is time to do’t. Hell is murky

April is Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Bertie: “So, you have taken on a new job Bobby! Is that wise, given your history of anxiety (GAD)?”

Peace One Day

Peace One Day

Bobby and the 43 Steps

43 Steps

The Bench at Diddley’s View

The Bench Five years ago, 17 January 2017, we welcomed something very special into our lives. The Bench. Since then it has become central to our lives. A place of pilgrimage to remember Diddley. Becoming in effect ‘Diddley’s Bench’ at ‘Diddley’s View’.

A Perfect Day

Perfect Day This story started as ‘Coming Home’. Then became ‘How Important is it?’. Almost declared at ‘People’. But definitely rests now at ‘Perfect Day‘.

There is No Such Thing as ‘Never’

Never Bertie: “There is no such thing as ‘Never’, Bobby. I told you that in 2015, when you vowed to never go back to the Royal Opera House (ROH).” Bobby: “And I really meant it, Bertie. Years of wonderful memories had all been ruined in my eyes by the fateful night of 27 January 2014….