Memories on the Bedside Table.

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The Bedside Table. Mindfully Bertie started as a kind of bereavement therapy for Bobby. As you know, I had been best man at their wedding and chief mourner at Diddley’s Funeral. It’s now over three years since the blog started and we have covered every subject imaginable. Never forgetting that each week we would end…

Diary of a Heart Attack.

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A Very Serious Event: Diary of a Heart Attack. Bertie: “Can you see over there across the bay, Eamonn? That’s Skomer Island.” Eamonn: “Ahh, Bertie. Oi would love to go tere.” Bertie: “Well, Eamonn. When you came to us from Alice’s Bear Hospital, we did promise you adventures. How would like to take my place…

A Heatwave in Worthing.

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A Heatwave in Worthing. Bertie: “You must be bleeding joking, Bobby. ‘We’ are going to the seaside in a heatwave? You can count me out. It’s nice and cool here in Laurel Cottage. It’s supposed to be even hotter tomorrow and I am definitely staying put.” Bobby: “Look, Bertie, it’s the only day I can…

A Morning with the National Trust Volunteers.

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A Morning with the National Trust Volunteers.