The Autumn Leaves.

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Autumn Leaves

The Autumn Leaves. The rain thundered down at Sutton United and we hid in the stand. Driving home on flooded roads, we knew that this was the beginning of the end of a glorious autumn. The best we could ever remember. The best that is since last year. Especially the Autumn Leaves.

One Night Last Summer.

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One Night Last Summer: With the stars. That's Debbi and George behind us.

One Night Last Summer Bertie: “Wot! Amateur dramatics? You must be bleedin’ joking!” Bobby: “Now look, Bertie. We are a team. Tim and Tracey together with Oakley (Technical Director, Artistic Director and Guide Dog) have kindly invited us to their daughter Debbi’s new musical with the Hinchley Manor Operatic Society. “One Night Last Summer”. They…

Untold Story.

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Our entry in “The Untold Story”.

Untold Story. Next week is Alcohol Awareness Week. 19-25 November 2018. Details from Alcohol Concern follow. Also at: A very important issue that warrants a rare mid-week extra story to meet the date.

Remembrance Day.

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Remembrance Day: Knitted by Heather. Limited edition. 1,000.

Remembrance Day. It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we wrote the story of Private Evan Davies. In a year’s time, maybe we will say the same thing again. For some, the years pass and the memories fade. For others, they are as fresh as the day they were encapsulated in time….

The Wall.

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The Wall: “Mission” speaker in the background. Chaps of a certain age will understand.

The Wall. This, in Laurel Cottage, is a love affair in three pictures. Most people’s favourite picture is of Diddley and Bobby at the Shredded Wheat factory. So, we are pleased to present to you the three pictures on The Wall.