A Dancer Called Alexis.

Alexis. I would like to introduce you to Alexis, from the United States of America. She wants to be a dancer. With her determination and clear love for her passion I am sure she will succeed. I spoke to her mum Debra who told me that all her daughter had ever wanted to be was…

Unveiling the Bench in Memory of Diddley.

The Bench.

Paris to Munich.

Railway Journeys: Munich. Clerk Ordinaire, pen pusher, in civil service parlance… an “inky” to a civil engineer’s “oily”. Bobby is all of these things. When Diddley died what was the first thing to do? Correct. Set up a file. With a stationery cupboard looking like a mini Rymans, it was all there. A ring binder….

Adventures and Railway Journeys.

Continental Railway Journeys with Bertie London to Paris (nearly). A year ago this week, Bobby and I faced a New Year on our own again. The previous months of funeral to Christmas a blur of activity. Now we could prevaricate, feel miserable, close the door for a while. Which is fine for some. Bereavement is…

Thinkings of Old Bears.

Old Bears. The mist hung low over South Holmwood village. I didn’t want to go out in the damp. Not good for my mohair. Bobby wanted to go to football in Sutton and I thought “You go, I’ll stay here cosy and warm. I can listen to Kate Rusby again!” Old Bears Syndrome?

St George’s Hospital, Ruth Myles Unit, Tooting

St George’s Hospital Bobby… “Once again my plans are hijacked. And, most importantly, I am without Bertie. Languishing in St George’s Hospital, Tooting. (Me not him). Sorry Bertie. The 999 ambulance couldn’t head south to pick you up.

Islington: The Canal & Beyond.

“PS – Islington”. Bertie… “PS” is a new feature of Mindfully Bertie. I like the idea of spontaneity. Some chance encounters can lead to short stories worthy of their own posting. A breather, maybe, in constructing more complicated ones. Tuesdays are set aside for Bobby’s trips to Islington. He often takes his folding bike, as…

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