Boulby Potash Mine, Yorkshire.

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Boulby Mines: Diddley is not too sure...

Just Three Days Yorkshire … God’s Own Country One mile down … eight miles out … Boulby Potash Mine. Bertie… I love Yorkshire. Full of memories. Yet, full of opportunities for the future. Bobby and I went back to Whitby in September. But first, to set the scene, we mustn’t forget Bobby’s present to Diddley…

Joe’s Story – a Tribute.

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Joe's Story: Lighting a Candle for Diddley.

Along the River Esk. When Joe appeared. Bertie… On a glorious September morning, we were walking alongside the River Esk to Whitby. The railway line adjacent to the path. Approaching a beautiful brick viaduct a steam train passed. We knew it would soon be back. I just knew this was the start of another story….

When Bertie met Toffer

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Bertie Meets Toffer - Elvis Presley Bear

Toffer and Bertie Reminisce Aldith and Bernard have been friends with Bobby and Diddley for a long time. They knew me as Bobby’s bear who sat on the sofa with the children’s bears and didn’t do much. But thought a lot. When I started the blog I told them all about it.

Laurie Lee Poetry Posts

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Laurie Lee Poetry Posts: Bertie wows the ladies. Seen here with Barbara from the Butchers Arms.

The Laurie Lee Wildlife Walk – The Poetry Posts Following last week’s description of the walk, Bobby and I thought you might like to read the actual poems on the posts. Some of them with a view across the valley behind them. Some with a sunset. So, here they are in all their glory. Immortalised…

Laurie Lee

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Laurie Lee Trail.

The Laurie Lee Wildlife Walk. Up, up, up we climbed Swifts Hill. It was a glorious 23rd August 2016. The sun shone towards Stroud and the black mountains of Wales beyond. Down below nothing had really changed in Slad. The school that Diddley and Laurie Lee many years apart had gone to is still there….