Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 8: Gower. Rhossili to Mewslade Bay.

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Gower. Rhossili to Mewslade Bay.

And so we finally got to the Gower. Driving west from Swansea as far as you could go to beautiful Rhossili. Memories of the early eighties came flooding back. The weather was glorious and we decide to do the simple walk to Mewslade Bay that we had done half a life time ago.

The walk starts in the National Trust car park at Rhossili.

Map of the Gower Peninsula and the walk to Mewslade Bay. (more…)

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Rolls-Royce Young Designer Competition – The Results

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The Results

Rolls-Royce Young Designer Competition - The Results

Back in April, Andrew announced this very special competition.

The response was overwhelming. In all, over 5,000 entries from 80 countries. All online, by children using their imagination to dream up fantastical cars of the future. The winners in each category had their designs transformed by the Rolls-Royce design studio into dream-like creations. Some winners will get Rolls-Royce journeys to school with a friend. Here is the UK Winner.

UK Winner: Rolls-Royce is also delighted to announce the UK winner which is the Rolls-Royce Bumblebee 5000, designed by 11-year-old Sofia. Sofia's design has been transformed into a beautiful digitally-rendered illustration by the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Design Team. She will also enjoy a chauffeaur-driven journey with her best friend in a Rolls-Royce to school. In addition Rolls-Royce is donating a complete Greenpower electric car kit to Sofia's school, enabling its participation in future Greenpower motorsport events.

The Rolls-Royce Bumblebee 5000.

Oh for a child’s imagination. But the RR design studio has got plenty of its own.

Global Winners

The Rolls-Royce "Bolt" by Declan, age 10, united Kingdom.

Rolls-Royce "Prosperity" by Tim, age 9, Germany.

Rolls-Royce "House of Esperanto" by Alisa, age 6, Russia.

Rolls-Royce "Bluebird II" by Chenyang, age 13, China.

Highly Commended

Rolls-Royce "Turtle Car" by Florian, aged 16, France.

Rolls-Royce "Capsule" by Saya, age 6, Japan.

Rolls-Royce "Glow" by Léna, age 11, Hungary.

Shortlisted Entries.

There are dozens of entries filling this category. We have chosen a few, but suggest you go to the competition website to view all the others, where you can click on each picture to get the story behind it.

"Spike Bomb"


"Hot Island"

"Old Boot"



Rolls-Royce Fun Edition: "The Motobrick"

Yellow Bird.

And then there were thousands who did not make the final selection, but are still in the competition archives. Representing the thrill of sending an entry to a competition that must be the first of its kind ever run by the makers of “The Best Car in the World”.

Lighting a Candle for Diddley

Bertie sat at a table facing a candle lit for Diddley, with a model of a Rolls-Royce in front.


Emmylou Harris

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Memories of California

Emmylou Harris

Emmylou Harris

When they bought that record in Capistrano, you should know they already had it in England. Diddley just wanted it to play in the rented Chevy all the way back to Dave and Mar in Calimesa. Diddley loved the poet songwriters like Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits. Maintaining that the words came first before the music. In Emmylou Harris she admired a beautiful lady growing older gracefully. Whose own long dark tresses turned white with the advancing years. And here are the words that inspired Diddley so much as we drove into Capistrano.

I will Dream

“I will Dream” (Click for larger version)

And here, before we put Capistrano back into the memory bank, is one more track as they headed east back to Calimesa.

“Here I am.”


Sir Cliff Richard is now 80. You may like to look back at the story we wrote about him in 2018.

Lighting a Candle for Diddley.

Bertie, sat on a worktop against wall, with a candle lit for Diddley in front, and a copy of the Emmylou Harris CD in his lap.

– – – – – – –


Conceptulution, Evolution, Revolution, Bertielution.

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Evolution? Close up of Bertie & Bobby wearing their Face Masks.

When we attended the Gentle Author’s course in Spitalfields in 2016, we had no idea about blogging. The course was entitled “How to write a blog that people will want to read”. For us, we felt a need to express ourselves. A desire to honour the memory of Diddley. To have fun. We had a big gap in our lives to fill. Whether or not people wanted to read it was never the primary motive. It was not, and never will be, an ego trip. But we are only human, and we love to hear if you do like the stories. (more…)


Breakfast at the Bluebird Café

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The Bluebird Café. Ferring-by-Sea.

The Bluebird Café. Ferring-by-Sea.

Bertie: “Bobby, what are we doing today?”

Bobby: “We are going to Andrew’s. Morris the Mechanic is servicing the car’s brakes.” (more…)


When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano.

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They left Huntingdon Beach (Surf City USA) on a glorious morning to drive south down the Pacific Coast Highway. It was the last day of a week exploring the California Coast in the middle of a three week holiday with friends Dave and Mar. Old schoolfriends of Diddley’s, who had settled in California years before. Cruising in their rental Chevy, playing the Beach Boys.

The rental Chevy and Diddley.

The rental Chevy and Diddley.



It’s a Beautiful World. Sand Martins and Serenity.

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Sand Martins.

Bobby looking out to sea down the line of the groyne at East Preston. A pebble beach leading to a calm, blue sea.

Serenity by the sea at East Preston.



Dunsborough Park 2020

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Bertie on a bench at Denbies Hillside.

Denbies Hillside.

Bertie: “Bobby – is it the last day of summer?”

Bobby: “Looks like it, Bertie. We are going to Dunsborough Park tomorrow and the forecast is cold and wet!”

Bertie: “Count me out.”

Bobby: “I already have!”

Bertie: “Thanks.” (more…)


An Afternoon Well Bunked Off.

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Ivan Bunked off.

Ivan Bunked Off. Rose Hips on the tree against a bright Blue sky.

We welcome back our friend and visiting contributor Ivan Tucker. He bunked off the other day while we were still basking in the Indian summer. Walking locally, just west of Dorking. Denbies Hillside, The National Trust estate and Westcott. Just a record of late summer heading towards autumn. (more…)

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It’s a Beautiful World… The Purple Martin.

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The Purple Martin.

Some of our readers live a long way away. One such is Janis. Sister of our friend Rob. An English Rose, living with her husband in Arizona, US. Whilst retaining a love of the Surrey Hills, she embraces the wonders of American wildlife and, now and again, is able to share with us. We are privileged to follow her lead by sharing this New York Times article with you.

Purple Martin: Male.

Purple Martin – the male…



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