Over the Hills and Far Away.

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Over the hills and Far Away: Owwwww!

Over the Hills and Far Away.

Diddley hated violence of any kind. She would never watch a nasty film or TV programme even potentially violent. Emmerdale was her limit! So how come she watched every episode of “Sharpe”? A series of true violence, based on the Napoleonic wars. Each week awash with death and destruction mostly at our French friends’ expense. Simple. Sean Bean! He was a true man. His accent and his deeds in Sharpe swept her off her emotional feet. He was not an officer or a gentleman either and that appealed to her rebellious nature. Add to that the mesmeric theme tune – “Over the Hills and Far Away” above and her lust for Sharpe was insatiable to such an extent she bought the crated boxed set.

Over the Hills and Far Away: Now this is what I call a box set!

Now this is what I call a box set!



The Speed Awareness Course.

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Speed Awareness Course: I stayed in the car park!

The Speed Awareness Course.

We knew we were going on this Speed Awareness Course. Of course! We wanted to avoid another three points. But Bobby was nervous about taking me in. And didn’t and discovered that even not switching your mobile phone completely off would lead to you being chucked out and the original three points placed on your license. This, of course, to protect the anonymity of those present if that is what they wished. Nevertheless at the start of writing this blog we must assure you that for Bobby the whole thing was a totally positive affair.

Sorry I was going so fast Officer - I'm late for my Speed Awareness Course!

Sorry I was going so fast Officer – I’m late for my Speed Awareness Course!


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A Night for Lonnie Donegan.

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Lonnie Donegan: Bobby's prize possession.

A Night for Lonnie Donegan (And Cheers Chas).

Lonnie Donegan: The King of Skiffle.

Lonnie – The King of Skiffle.

Ask anyone of a certain age what they remember about Lonnie Donegan and they might well answer… “My Old Man’s a Dustman”. (more…)


Dunsborough Park – Dahlia Day.

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Dunsborough Park – Dahlia Day.

Dahlia Day: NGS Garden Open (National Gardens Scheme)

NGS Garden Open (National Gardens Scheme)

Dear friends of Mindfully Bertie. We have often shared our love of gardens and flowers with you.

And then, just a few weeks ago, we were honoured when the the National Garden Scheme (NGS) asked us to write a piece for their Gardens and Health Week . “Bobby’s Story” is here in case you missed it:

www.ngs.org.uk/whats-new/lifestyle/post/garden-visiting-in-remembrance (more…)


I Woz There!

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I Woz There!

Just imagine if you were one of those who woke up this morning and thought “I could go to the Oval today” … and did!

Those were the words of Mark Nicholas. Cricket commentator for Cricket on Five. The highlights television programme for the Bobby’s of this world who stick to normal TV for the game. Summarising the day’s play for the greatest Monday. 10 September 2018.

Bobby was one of 3,600 who accepted the offer of a half price ticket. Bought online late on Sunday night to come to the Oval to see the fourth day of the last test match against India. Joining 18,000 for a day that would see the last innings of Alastair Cook, England’s star opening batsmen before he retired. Just so he could say “I woz there!” Could he make a century? (more…)


The Operation.

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The Operation: Eamonn.

“Hello there! Top o’ the morning, even if it’s the feckin afternoon. Eamonn here. Bertie has asked me to write this story as it’s far too painful for him. The story of his Operation. Oy was tere and saw the whole thing. Its a tale of DISMEMBERMENT. Of DISEMBOWELMENT. Without anaesthetic. And not for the faint hearted. Words can’t describe what Bertie went through, so I have used music instead. Oy am told Bobby and Diddley loved melancholic music. Not sad, but mournfully contented. A time for mindful relaxation. Nice memories. Peaceful nostalgia.

The Operation.

The Operation: Alice's Bear Shop and Hospital for poorly bears and dolls.

Alice’s Bear Shop and Hospital for poorly bears and dolls.



We Missed You Bertie!

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We Missed You Bertie!

Bobby:I really missed you Bertie!

Bertie: “I really missed you too, Bobby! Not just being in hospital for a few days, but all those weeks waiting for the op. Sitting day after day on Bobby 2, wishing I was joining in the adventures.”

Missed You Bertie: 23 August 2017. A year ago. Swifts Hill, Slad, where Diddley’s ashes lie.

23 August 2017. A year ago. Swifts Hill, Slad, where Diddley’s ashes lie.


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Rolls-Royce: Outside the main entrance.

Outside the main entrance.


“Bleedin cheek. You wanna watchit, Jimma”(Glaswegian accent, à la Rab C Nesbitt, as follows): (more…)


Remember Diddley.

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Remember Diddley.

19 August 1950 to 23 August 2015.

Listen to Leonard whilst you enjoy the slide show further down the blog.
Remember Diddley: There's a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen.

There’s a crack, a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in. Leonard Cohen.



Ooh la la la.

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Ooh la la - Lighting a Candle for Diddley. Just had to poke his nose in, didn't he!

Ooh la la la.

Ooh la la la, c’est magnifique.

Ooh la la - Buzzing!


Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, !!! You must come! We’ve found a wasp nest. You must come. (Your scribe for this week is me, Trevor. An honour to give you this remarkable story.) (more…)


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