Grumpy Bob

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When the first lockdown came just over a year ago, the naturalist Chris Packham set up a Facebook group called… The Self-Isolating Bird Club.

Self-Isolating Bird Club Facebook Group. (more…)


Thoughts for Today

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Thoughts for Today - From Andrea.

From Andrea.

Back in 1991, Bobby’s mum Dorothy died at 91. Born in 1899, she had “had a good innings”. She left Bobby a little dosh and he bought me and I came to live at Saffrons in Dorking. At the time, he had worked for the Legal and General Assurance Society (L&G) for 29 years. A job of supreme security. Fringe benefits including a generous mortgage scheme. (more…)


Puffins Galore

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A pair of Puffins.

The National newspapers have been full of the news that Puffins have come back from the ocean to the Welsh islands of Skokholm and Skomer in large numbers. As you knowm we are regular visitors to both and last stayed on Skokholm in August 2019. 2020 was abandoned and our booking carried forward to this year. (more…)

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Bertie with a camera at the window.


Bertie: “Bobby. When we posted Big Garden Birdwatch, we got lots of compliments about the photographs. You took the pictures with your ‘proper’ camera. This one. Fuji X-T20. Nice camera.” (more…)


Some Benches

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Bobby, pulling a face, looking at Bertie.

Bertie: “You OK, Bobby?”

Bobby: “Not really Bertie. Bit fed up.” (more…)


Terence Cuneo

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Terence Cuneo - signature and mouse.

Terence Cuneo self portrait.

Terence Cuneo self portrait.

Cuneo is quite simply our favourite artist of all time. He may not be the greatest artist that ever lived, but he painted what we liked. Steam engines. He had an enormous portfolio of every subject under the sun. He was employed to paint commercial pictures for board rooms. (more…)


Sing Blackbird Sing

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There are many exotic songs in the bird world. For many, the Nightingale is the pinnacle. But for many others, the chance of hearing a Nightingale sing is slim. To be honest, we think the best song of all is the Blackbird. Early morning – late at night, they bring joy to your heart and creativity to your mind. (more…)


A Year With Covid-19 Gone By

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Covid-19 Reflection

Covid-19 Reflection: Lots of Colourful Violas

Beautiful Violas

This week we are taking the unusual (first time ever) step of reposting an earlier story. For the very good reason that it is exactly a year since we wrote SID (Self Isolation Day) and it is interesting to look back and remember our thoughts. This was the start of our mid-week blog. (more…)


The Mental Health Circus

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A gravel path along a hill slope with a misty sun in the background.

As sure as night meets day the mist will lead to the sunshine.

We are deeply saddened by the current media circus using mental health as a weapon to attack whose ever side people may choose to be on. Our own stance on the subject has always revolved around Bobby’s own struggles with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder). (more…)


Wotton Church (and John Evelyn)

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Wotton Church

Bertie sat on a wall in front of the sign for Wotton Church, with the church in the background.

We are very fortunate here at Mindfully Bertie to have a growing band of loyal friends who support our endeavours to entertain you each week. Some of those friends offer ideas of their own. Two weeks ago, Bernard and Aldith reminded Bobby of the “secret snowdrops” at Abinger Hall. In doing so, we were able to share that glorious walk around Abinger. (more…)


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