The Isabella Plantation – A Journey Through Time

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The Isabella Plantation.

A Journey through Time.

Sid and Dorothy (Bobby’s parents) loved The Isabella Plantation. It’s an abiding memory of a long time ago. Especially the day they took him there on the 213 bus.

A black and white photograph ofSid and Dorothy in 1954(ish) standing arm in arm outside a semi-detached house.

Sid and Dorothy in 1954(ish).

Bobby has been there many times in recent years, but never again by 213 bus. (more…)


The Handkerchief Tree.

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The Handkerchief Tree.

Bertie standing in front of a handkerchief tree.

Bertie: “Gor blimey, Bobby. You do find out some interesting things!”

Bobby: “Thank you, Bertie. I am just naturally inquisitive.”

Bertie: “Well just think. This is all about a tree. A seemingly boring tree. A tree you have walked past, cycled past and driven past loads of times without so much as a second glance. A tree you realised was really special this time last year. But went off to Paris and forgot about it.” (more…)

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A Day out with Thomas.

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A Day Out With Thomas.

Enjoy a train ride with Thomas and friends, and meet the Fat Controller!

Play this:

Dear Christopher,
Here is your friend Thomas, the Tank Engine.
He wanted to come out of his station-yard and see the world.
These stories tell you how he did it.

I hope you will like them because you helped me to make them.
Your Loving Daddy


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April in Paris – Pt 2.

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April in Paris.

Doris Day:

She was 97 on 3 April.

April in Paris: The Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace.

The Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace.

Bertie: “A Museum! We have come all the way to Paris to go to a bleedin’ Museum!”

Bobby: “Careful, Bertie. You said that once before and you loved the London Transport Museum.” (more…)


April in Paris – Pt 1

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April in Paris.

Bertie: “What’s the matter with you, Bobby me old mate?”

Bobby: “Gout!”

Bertie: “They took my bleedin ‘ead off last year. Anyway, wot about our ‘oliday round Europe?”

Bobby: “Well, it’s just two weeks away and I can hardly walk.”

Bertie: “Do you know what mate? I don’t think you really want to go.”

Bobby: “‘Course I do. I’ve booked all the tickets and reservations.”

Bertie: “Well, in the past you were dead up for it mate. Full of it. Over excited, even by your standards. This year hardly said a word. Be honest. Do you really want to go?”

Bobby: “Those first two trips all round Europe on trains were fantastic adventures. Look where we went. Paris, Venice, Rome and lots of other places.”

April in Paris: One coin in the fountain. Fontana Di Trevi, Rome.

One coin in the fountain. Fontana Di Trevi, Rome.


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Tie on Baggage Labels.

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Tie on Baggage Labels.

Tie on Baggage Labels: Bertie (left) and Trevor, with Betty Boop peeping inbetween!

Bertie: “Watcha Trev! How’s things? You’ve been a bit quiet lately!”

Trevor: “Bertie… I have told you before. Kindly use my proper name… Trevor. I may appear quiet but, quite honestly, so do most people when in the company of you and Bobby.”

Bertie: “Oooohh err. You are so sensitive. How about doing a story next week?”

Trevor: “That would be most agreeable, Bertie. But, as you will remember, my preference is nostalgia and Bobby’s fascinating childhood. A true schoolboy, growing up in the 1950s. We last wrote about airline sticky labels. It seems that many enjoyed the beautifully presented “stickies” for airline travel back in the 1950s. They were the advertising, ‘Look at me and see where I have been’. Lovely graphics from a bygone age. (more…)

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Armandii. The Queen of Spring.

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Armandii. The Queen of Spring.

This is the story of a plant, a priest and a love affair.

Clematis Armandii

Clematis Armandii

Armandii - Father Armand David in 1884.

Father Armand David in 1884.

Armandii - We love our favourite Clematis.

We love our favourite Clematis.

Back in 1986, Bobby saw his first Clematis Armandii. The first time, that is, he knew its name. Draped over a disused shed at Highdown Gardens near Worthing in Sussex, it wasn’t even in the main garden, but hidden in a working area. Its rampant glory, and sweet scented cascades of flowers, were unforgettable. Returning to the garden a few weeks ago, there was no sign of the shed or its veil. (more…)


Tick Tock.

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Tick tock. Look west. Swift's Hill, Gloucestershire, looking towards Wales.


tick tock… tick tock… tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

Dear Friends of Bertie…

now and again, when the opportunity arises, we like to look at more serious, even difficult, subjects. Alcoholism and the part Al-Anon Family Groups play in helping those affected by the drinking of others is one important story.

Tick Tock: Al-Anon Family Groups poster.

Al-Anon Family Groups.



More Balls Than Most.

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More Balls than most; Bit shrivelled, Bobby!

More Balls Than Most.

Dear Friends –

The other week, we reminded you of our positive approach to mental illness. This week we can lighten the mood on the same subject. There is no doubt that relaxation, in what ever form it can take, is beneficial. But not always easy to obtain for the person in distress.

Back in 1990, two chaps started a craze that was to be promoted as stress relieving; would help you to relax and make you a super person. Their promotion was so successful that the product became a household name. It was made in London too. Back in the early nineties. (more…)

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We Won the Cup!

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We Won the Cup!

We Won the Cup: The Winning Team.

The Winning Team.

It wasn’t the FA Cup. It was better than that!

It wasn’t the final of the Europa league. It was better than that!

It wasn’t even the final of the Champions League. It was even better than that!

Why? Because long after those big cup finals are consigned to history and largely forgotten, this cup final will be remembered. These youngsters will move on to under eleven football next season and one day they will grow up. But they will never forget the day they could say “We Won the Cup!” – their first cup with East Preston Football Club. (more…)


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