The Man Who Talks Too Much

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Bobby talks too much. Everybody says so. He gets on their nerves. And his own. Wears them out. Bores them silly. Causes them to drive by. Cross the road. Hide. Anything to avoid him. Not because they don’t like him. Probably. But simply they haven’t got the time or patience for his incessant chatter.

The 93 Bus

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Bertie: “Bobby? What’s a heritage bus running day?” Bobby: “It’s when a group organises a bus service on a particular route using old fashioned buses. They run to a timetable and mingle with the modern buses. You could be waiting at a bus stop and a 70 year old bus turn up and you just…

That Bleedin Dog

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Bobby loved his old Dad Sid, and was heartbroken when he died on Christmas Day 1969. As we described in ‘Alf Garnett‘, he was an unforgettable character whose expressions live on in Bobby’s memory to this very day. And, we are told, he has recreated some of those memories in me. A teddy bear with…


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“I’ve bought you a book, Bobby” said Diddley one day in 2013. “A Street Cat Named Bob”. I only bought it because I like the name!”

Hidden London: The Kingsway Tram Tunnel

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Kingsway Tram Tunnel   “I have done something nobody else here today has!”