YMCA… A Tribute

The full review is available here and we urge you to read it. The YMCA really is a marvellous power for good in the community.

Staying Alive

Staying Alive: It’s seven o’clock on August 12 2019 on Dream Island. Richard tells Bobby the boat will be coming at 09.30. It’s time to pack and leave the island. A few more days in Solva, with Rosemary to pick me up. Dinner at Something’s Cooking that evening. He loves his fish and chips after…

Walking to St George’s

Walking to St Georges “Everything in Life is an Opportunity” said Bobby. “Even snuffing it, for an undertaker” he added. Well, it seems that he now views the ‘very serious event‘ as an opportunity to live life in a more healthy way. It wasn’t unhealthy before, but did include quite a few cakes and fry-ups….

Diary of a Heart Attack.

A Very Serious Event: Diary of a Heart Attack. Bertie: “Can you see over there across the bay, Eamonn? That’s Skomer Island.” Eamonn: “Ahh, Bertie. Oi would love to go tere.” Bertie: “Well, Eamonn. When you came to us from Alice’s Bear Hospital, we did promise you adventures. How would like to take my place…

We Missed You Bertie!

We Missed You Bertie! Bobby: “I really missed you Bertie!” Bertie: “I really missed you too, Bobby! Not just being in hospital for a few days, but all those weeks waiting for the op. Sitting day after day on Bobby 2, wishing I was joining in the adventures.”

Uncle Dick.

Uncle Dick. Dear Friends Today is our ONE HUNDRETH BLOG. Or would have been. I am sick as a parrot, and decidedly Uncle Dick. The symptoms are… my bleedin ‘ead is coming orf!