Towns and Cities

This Service is Cancelled

(Includes Landscape Photographer of the Year). This service is Cancelled “This service is cancelled. There has been an incident at West Croydon. Please leave the train and return to the concourse.” We all did as we were were told, apart from one chap in the corner with noise reduction headphones who had to be tapped…

The Yarnbomb Sisters of East Preston

East Preston’s Yarnbomb Sisters. Do you remember the very first regular mid week story that appeared in Mindfully Bertie? We had decided that during the pandemic there might well be an opportunity for an extra shorter story each week. Three months later they have been very well received and we shall carry on.

Walking to St George’s – Charles Holden.

Walking to St Georges – Charles Holden This is the third and last of our trilogy centred on those weeks of walking to and from St George’s Hospital in the latter part of 2019. Why Charles Holden? Well there is a pub named after him opposite Colliers Wood Underground Station. But who was Charles Holden?…

Walking from St George’s.

Walking from St George’s. Pt 2 of a trilogy. For over four months we travelled twice a week to St George’s Hospital in Tooting. 32 times maybe. Many incorporated the previous walk to or from Morden Hall Park. Tuesdays always start at Al-Anon in Islington and then the Northern line from the Angel to Tooting…

Church of St Botolph without Aldgate

St Botolph without Aldgate When we began writing Mindfully Bertie in August 2016, we started with a clean slate. A void in our lives had been created by the loss of Diddley the year before. A void that could provide opportunity for creativity, whilst never forgetting the love and affection for the person we missed…

Finding Peace at Christmas in Birmingham

Finding Peace at Christmas Birmingham Cathedral People like Bobby see life as a series of adventures. Big ones. Medium ones. Small and tiny ones. Even a shopping trip to Waitrose can be turned into a little adventure. To be an adventurer you need certain things. Finance, of course. Ideas, which he has in abundance. Energy….

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