An Afternoon Well Bunked Off.

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Ivan Bunked off. We welcome back our friend and visiting contributor Ivan Tucker. He bunked off the other day while we were still basking in the Indian summer. Walking locally, just west of Dorking. Denbies Hillside, The National Trust estate and Westcott. Just a record of late summer heading towards autumn.

It’s a Beautiful World… The Purple Martin.

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The Purple Martin. Some of our readers live a long way away. One such is Janis. Sister of our friend Rob. An English Rose, living with her husband in Arizona, US. Whilst retaining a love of the Surrey Hills, she embraces the wonders of American wildlife and, now and again, is able to share with…

Manx Shearwater Rescue Service

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Over the years we have now written many stories. Nearly 250 I expect. During that time there have been some that are unforgettable. Some that still make you tingle with excitement. Remembering why the story was written. And where we were to witness it. One such was “September”. The story of the Manx Shearwater and…

A Time to Remember

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The RAF March: “Time to get up Bobby! We are going to the Biggin Hill Airshow today.”

One Foot in the Grave

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Thoughts for Today. The Duxford Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Airshow this coming weekend has just been cancelled. It was inevitable. Leaving Bobby airshowless for the first year since 1954. But then, as you will discover during the next few weeks, his heart attack and subsequent cardiac rehabilitation has led him to a joyful place…

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 7: The Watercress Walk

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The Watercress Walk. Everyone is affected by the pandemic. Some far worse than others. Many have had to change their lives completely. Find new ways of enjoying themselves. Keeping sane and, most importantly, keeping fit. One thing we have done here at Mindfully Bertie is share our love of the beautiful world in this series…


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Watching the Vulcan take off at Farnborough, on that unforgettable day in 2010, we are reminded that there was another iconic, historic aircraft there that day. From the same aviation company. Avro. Where the Vulcan was largely a deterrent, apart from one foray all the way to the Falklands, the Lancaster earned its reputation in…

The Summer Rain

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Bertie: “Wot??? We are going to Wisley Gardens this afternoon. It’s raining and forecast to get worse!” Bobby: “There is no ‘we’. You are always going on about your mohair, so I am going on my own!” And he did.

The Best Movie in The World

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