The Allotment

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Bertie: “It’s too bleedin ‘ot!” Bobby: “I know, Bertie. It might help if you took that scarf off!” Bertie: “No way. I’d feel naked without it.” Bobby: “You would be!”

35 Years in 16 Seconds

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35 Years

We Won the Cup… Hoorah!

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Was it the “Greatest Day” again so soon after the last one? “Greatest days” come in all shapes and sizes. In football terms, it could be England 1966. Or East Preston Under 10s in 2019. And who could forget Sutton United just a few weeks ago! But now we celebrate with Worthing Town Ladies Football…

Far From the Madding Crowd – Times Two

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Far From the Madding Crowd: Part 1. Wisley. Far From the Madding Crowd at Wisley Gardens. Book your online ticket early. The timed slots soon get filled up. Choose an early one to avoid car park bedlam. But don’t be deterred, later is OK if you are patient. Late afternoon is a lovely time to…