Over the Hills and Far Away.

Posted on 14/10/2018 By

Over the hills and Far Away: Owwwww!

Over the Hills and Far Away. Diddley hated violence of any kind. She would never watch a nasty film or TV programme even potentially violent. Emmerdale was her limit! So how come she watched every episode of “Sharpe”? A series of true violence, based on the Napoleonic wars. Each week awash with death and destruction…

The Speed Awareness Course.

Posted on 07/10/2018 By

Speed Awareness Course: I stayed in the car park!

The Speed Awareness Course. We knew we were going on this Speed Awareness Course. Of course! We wanted to avoid another three points. But Bobby was nervous about taking me in. And didn’t and discovered that even not switching your mobile phone completely off would lead to you being chucked out and the original three…

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