A Time to Remember

The RAF March: “Time to get up Bobby! We are going to the Biggin Hill Airshow today.”

Staying Alive

Staying Alive: It’s seven o’clock on August 12 2019 on Dream Island. Richard tells Bobby the boat will be coming at 09.30. It’s time to pack and leave the island. A few more days in Solva, with Rosemary to pick me up. Dinner at Something’s Cooking that evening. He loves his fish and chips after…


August is a month of anniversaries. Some happy. Some sad. All unforgettable. We have named our first anniversary “Puffin“.

Another Sedentary Session.

“Cotswold Choice” by Frank Mansell. It seems we are having a short season of poetry. All from the dulcet tones of Bill Hicks. It’s not surprising given that the Strolling Chums all live near to where Diddley came from in the Cotswolds. You will remember that we have often told stories about her friendship with…

GAD Revisited

Bertie: “Bobby? Are you feeling OK, mate? You seem in a bit of a muddle.” Bobby: “I think a lot of people are, Bertie, in these troubled times. Especially older people, who feel isolated while the world talks about all the things they want to reopen while we old grunters are just interested in staying…

A Sedentary Session.

A Sedentary Session. You will remember when we stayed with Chris and Angie in the Cotswolds.

Bobby’s Books.

Bertie: “Bobby? How are you mate? We have told everyone about Jody’s Beans and Layla’s Library. You have told everyone how much you have loved books all your life. Do you still have any books from when you were a kid?”

Layla’s Library

Layla followed in Jasmine’s footsteps a few years later. Loving staying at Laurel Cottage, just as her sister had done. In such a small cottage they rarely stayed together, but argued as to whose turn it was to stay. Layla thought the same about her granny. Bobby took her on adventures and, of course, read…

Jody’s Beans.

Jody’s Beans. Jasmine has always loved staying at Laurel Cottage. When very young, she was the only grandchild to Diddley and Bobby. Staying most weekends and later, during school holidays, she had a very close bond with her granny. Loving being with her and now years later never forgetting what a wonderful granny she was.

Cornflower Blue.

Cornflower Blue. Once upon a time there was another Brompton in a box under the bench in the workshop. It didn’t move for nine years! In fact, it was only ever ridden twice. Back in 2010 Bobby had retired, but Diddley was still at work. And she was entitled to buy a bike under the…

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