Continental Railway Journeys: Paris.

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Paris: Nice hotel. And view.

Continental Railway Journeys to Paris. 2017. We treated you to Salzburg recently… (Salzburg blog). We treated you before on our first ever continental railway trip to Paris in 2016. But we didn’t tell you about our short stay last year.

The Special One.

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Special One: And finally, or rather now at last, a Princess in that wonderful car. Treated like royalty by Tim and Susie in front. The King is thereabouts in the back, acknowledging his subjects. In case anyone came from Mauritania.

The Special One. Don’t worry about that Portuguese football manager. I am the Special One! It says so on my new membership card for the world famous Brooklands Museum.

Croydon Airport.

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Croydon Airport: The Commandant's Desk.

Croydon Airport. It’s 1958. Bobby and his plane-spotting friends at Sutton Grammar School (tie blog) are just twenty minutes by bike to Croydon Airport. Long past its glory days (and heading for closure just a year later) there are still plenty of planes for the spotters. And a grapevine. “Ere Trebor”… “there’s a Beech Bonanza…

Cotswolds Compendium.

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Cotswolds: Dave with “Things I remember”.

Cotswolds Compendium. Bobby and I have two homes now. One, of course, is Laurel Cottage in the glorious Surrey Hills. Reading this again this morning, I am reminded ‘Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, so live for today’. That glorious clematis, Armandii, had its best flowering season ever as pictured on this blog. And then…