Back in 1985. The happy couple, as it was then, had an opportunity to borrow a motor caravan for a holiday. Modestly priced, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss. And it was friends of ‘er indoors’ making the offer. Something the happy couple had never done before. North Wales. The Llyn Peninsular. What…

Flowers on the Coastpath

🌸Fl🌸wers 🌸n t🌸e c🌸stp🌸th🌸 🌸 Out damned spot I say. One two Why then is time to do’t. Hell is murky

A Tribute to Rosemary

Rosemary Bobby’s mobile phone rarely rings away from Laurel Cottage. His endless communication with the rest of the world being by all those other means at our disposal now. So when it rings it is usually important. Just twice in fact in nearly three months. Both, by coincidence, while sitting in the sunshine at the…

Welsh Walks: Walk Around Strumble Head

Bertie: “Wake up, Hefyn! we are going back to Wales. I am on holiday with Bobby and the other bears. You are narrator. Over to you mate.” Hefyn: “Aahhh, boyo. I have been waiting for this! You did that fantastic walk round Strumble Head last October and now we can share it with our readers….

Puffins Galore

The National newspapers have been full of the news that Puffins have come back from the ocean to the Welsh islands of Skokholm and Skomer in large numbers. As you knowm we are regular visitors to both and last stayed on Skokholm in August 2019. 2020 was abandoned and our booking carried forward to this…

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 9: Gower – the Walk over Rhossili Down.

Number 9: Gower – The walk over Rhossili Down This is probably the simplest walk ever described in Mindfully Bertie. On a day like that one in September 2020, it is quite simply sensational. It is a walk that really demands a fine day to take advantage of the spectacular views in all directions.

Ty Dwr

Back in 1982, Bobby was told of a cottage that could be hired on the Gower Peninsular. A friend of a friend knew an affluent family who owned their own holiday cottage and hired it to friends and those who could be trusted. It was still the family’s main holiday destination. The cottage was called…

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 8: Gower. Rhossili to Mewslade Bay.

Gower. Rhossili to Mewslade Bay. And so we finally got to the Gower. Driving west from Swansea as far as you could go to beautiful Rhossili. Memories of the early eighties came flooding back. The weather was glorious and we decide to do the simple walk to Mewslade Bay that we had done half a…

Manx Shearwater Rescue Service

Over the years we have now written many stories. Nearly 250 I expect. During that time there have been some that are unforgettable. Some that still make you tingle with excitement. Remembering why the story was written. And where we were to witness it. One such was “September”. The story of the Manx Shearwater and…

Eamonn and The Landsker Line.

The Landsker Line. During my “genius period” with Rosemary, I wrote one or two stories. In Welsh! To celebrate and close our season of stories from West Wales, I have translated just one into English for you, my admiring readers. It is very appropriate, as this story is all about “Language”.