Finding Serenity at Kingston upon Thames.

Finding Serenity at Kingston upon Thames. Bertie: “Bobby. Were you crying at the doctors?” Bobby: “No. Who told you that?” Bertie: “You.” Bobby: “Oh well, I did feel a bit emotional.” Bertie: “So, you didn’t soak her desk in tears?” Bobby: “No!”

One Hundred!

One Hundred! Bertie: “Stone the crows and strike a light mate. One Hundred? Are you sure?” Bobby: “Yes Bertie. This is your… ONE HUNDRETH BLOG! A century of stories. A week late after last week’s headache.” (Trevor is getting a little full of himself. More later). Bertie: “Crikey! I wonder what Diddley would make of…

Small Talk Saves Lives.

Small Talk Saves Lives. Hasn’t it been a wonderful autumn! Here in the Surrey Hills that surround Laurel Cottage, the beech trees take your breath away. But, as I write this, the temperature is dropping, the wind gathering, followed by the leaves. Or as Eva Cassidy sang… The falling leaves Drift by my window The…

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