Wisley Christmas Eve: Mindfully Arboretumanally

Mindfully Arboretumanally As Bobby struggled with the life he was leading a few years ago, he turned to mindfulness to see if that would help. It did, particularly when practised in a group of people. Some time later, he mentioned it to the Gentle Author (GA) and also that this best friend was a teddy…


Hello. My name is Hefyn. Pronounced “Her fahn”. I am Welsh. And a Hare. Hefyn means ‘summer’ in English.

Who Bleedin Cares Anyway?

Bertie: “Are you suffering, Bobby?” Bobby: “Not ‘suffering’, but wary in these troubled times.”


What a wonderful season Autumn is. In the past we have treated you to a cornucopia of golden leaves. This year it’s a little different for a million reasons. We desperately miss London. Ask us what we miss most about London and we would have to say St Martin in the Fields. A wonderful church,…

YMCA… A Tribute

The full review is available here and we urge you to read it. The YMCA really is a marvellous power for good in the community.

One Foot in the Grave

Thoughts for Today. The Duxford Battle of Britain 80th Anniversary Airshow this coming weekend has just been cancelled. It was inevitable. Leaving Bobby airshowless for the first year since 1954. But then, as you will discover during the next few weeks, his heart attack and subsequent cardiac rehabilitation has led him to a joyful place…

A Letter to Myself

A Letter to Myself These words are from Bobby. To himself. I was a helpless observer.

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 1: Denbies Hillside Nature Trail.

Number 1: Denbies Hillside Nature Trail Dear friends We live in strange times. It seems only right that Mindfully Bertie should bring you some sunshine. There has been plenty this week as we write this. At present, the government is allowing us one walk, cycle ride a day. We thought you could use your daily…

S I D (Self Isolation Day)

S I D We started a story called “What if”. It’s still relevant and follows later. But, as we all know, the situation is changing so rapidly that by the time this is posted it will have completely changed again. So we are posting an exceptional mid week blog. Today, Monday 16 March, is SID…

Finding Peace at Christmas in Birmingham

Finding Peace at Christmas Birmingham Cathedral People like Bobby see life as a series of adventures. Big ones. Medium ones. Small and tiny ones. Even a shopping trip to Waitrose can be turned into a little adventure. To be an adventurer you need certain things. Finance, of course. Ideas, which he has in abundance. Energy….

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