Flying Legends

The Last Day of Summer at Duxford.

The Last Day of Summer. Would it be wise of Bobby to even consider going to an Airshow just six weeks after a ‘Very Serious Event‘? He couldn’t ask anybody, in case they said “No”! He couldn’t ask me, as I was 300 miles away in Wales. Preoccupied with learning Welsh. Was it that important…

The RAF 100 Celebrations.

RAF 100. The RAF March. Well, I did tell him that if he didn’t slow down he would land up in deep water. I never considered it might be the River Thames. But listen, dear friends. He is making a lot of it. All those pictures with frozen peas on top of his head. I…

The Flying Legends Duxford 2017

Flying Legends, Duxford. June is busting out all over… Bertie: “Told her that blouse was too bleedin’ tight…”

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