Short Stories

A Summer Collection

A Summer Collection – Virginia’s Poem: The GA’s Walk: The Stick: From the Train Window Virginia’s Poem Virginia: “I thought a silly poem might bring the hint of a smile. I wrote it to try to cheer people up as the news continues to be so downbeat and generally depressing.” Bertie: “Cheered us up, Virginia!”

Fame on The One Show

Tim and Tracey are famous. Our Technical Director Tim, more importantly our Artistic Director Tracey, but most of all Loki appeared on The One Show on Monday 12 April to celebrate 90 years of Guide Dogs. We all sat and watched it. On iPlayer. Enthralled.

Wonky the Wagtail

This is a story of courage, fortitude and above all else a never say die attitude to life.

Wendy’s Jumper

Bertie: “Corrr blimey. It’s bleedin taters Bobby!” Bobby: “I know, Bertie. But at least you have a fur coat.”

We all have one.

This week we are delighted to welcome back our visiting contributor Andrew with a short story about life. We all have one!

Betty’s Story

Cor blimey and luv a duck. It aint arf busy at Mindfully Bertie at the moment. While Bobby ‘as ‘is ‘ed had stuck down the toilet in the middle of the night, some of us are getting things sorted. The cause of all this is the Little Pink Book. The most unassuming bit of rubbish…

Sherrylea’s Story.

Sherrylea gave us her email. It didn’t work. Oh well. Maybe she will pick up on Mindfully Bertie. That would be nice. The story that follows was told by her to Bobby. It was to have been checked by her, but is now entirely from his memory. Transcribed that evening like all the other Gower…

A Sedentary Session.

A Sedentary Session. You will remember when we stayed with Chris and Angie in the Cotswolds.

Two Hundred – Yes this the 200th story posted by Mindfully Bertie!

Two Hundred. To celebrate, we have a short story for you. The Teddy Bears’ Picnic was due to be held on 8 May. As in previous years, we had been asked to write a story for the programme. By the time we did, the picnic was cancelled. Instead, they have a virtual Teddy Bears’ Picnic…