Laurie Lee

Just Four Days

Bobby: “Bertie! Our revered Technical Director, Tim, has made an observation. As he cruises serenely along the waterways of England in his canal boat, ‘Sola Gratia‘ with Tracey and the doggies, he notices things.”

Swift’s Hill. A Nostalgic Return.

Swift’s Hill Each year, in February, we make a nostalgic return to the Cotswolds around Stroud. The Friends of the Islands of Skomer and Skokholm always have their reunion at Bishops Cleeve, near Cheltenham, in Mid February. This year’s was on 16 February. We come to re-enact our commitment to Diddley’s ashes on 15 February,…

The Church, Miserden, Gloucestershire

The Church, Miserden Many books have been written about the poet and author Laurie Lee. Back in the 1990s, a television programme was produced based on interviews with him as he talked about his life. The transcripts of those interviews have come to life and been turned into a book.

Diddley’s Story.

Diddley’s Story. This week we have a very special contributor. Diddley herself. In researching the forthcoming Cotswold stories, we found some papers that she had kept and, most importantly, a story she had written. It may be a rough draft? Who knows, but it’s worthy of sharing with you. I am sure she wouldn’t mind….

Laurie Lee Poetry Posts

The Laurie Lee Wildlife Walk – The Poetry Posts Following last week’s description of the walk, Bobby and I thought you might like to read the actual poems on the posts. Some of them with a view across the valley behind them. Some with a sunset. So, here they are in all their glory. Immortalised…

Laurie Lee

The Laurie Lee Wildlife Walk. Up, up, up we climbed Swifts Hill. It was a glorious 23rd August 2016. The sun shone towards Stroud and the black mountains of Wales beyond. Down below nothing had really changed in Slad. The school that Diddley and Laurie Lee many years apart had gone to is still there….