The Action Man Armoured Car.

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Action Man. The last of our August anniversaries is Andrew’s birthday on 28th. Bobby’s son. Born when Bobby was just 23. They lived in Carshalton Grove, in what was then the new Greater London Borough of Sutton and Cheam.

Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 6: The Cleveland Way

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The Cleveland Way Each of those Whitby holidays was two weeks with grandchildren in August. The agreement was that Bobby had one day completely to himself. To walk along The Cleveland Way from Whitby. Either north towards Staithes. Or south to Robin Hood’s Bay and Scarborough.

Diddley at 60.

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Our August season of anniversaries continues with Diddley’s birthday on 19th August. She would have been 70 this year. She left us four days after her birthday, five years ago on 23 August. But this is a celebration of life. Just like last week. Tributes to Diddley are listed at the foot but, for now,…

A Letter from Skokholm

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Bertie: “Stop it Bobby! It’s going to your bleedin’ ‘ead!”

Staying Alive

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Staying Alive: It’s seven o’clock on August 12 2019 on Dream Island. Richard tells Bobby the boat will be coming at 09.30. It’s time to pack and leave the island. A few more days in Solva, with Rosemary to pick me up. Dinner at Something’s Cooking that evening. He loves his fish and chips after…

Waving at Trains.

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And here is the last of of our trilogy of poems read by Bill Hicks. Roger McGough is first and foremost a poet but was surprisingly popular in the sixties being a Liverpudlian in the Beatles era within his comedy group The Scaffold. Lily the Pink… The Scaffold: John Gorman, Mike McGear (brother of Paul…


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August is a month of anniversaries. Some happy. Some sad. All unforgettable. We have named our first anniversary “Puffin“.

Another Sedentary Session.

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“Cotswold Choice” by Frank Mansell. It seems we are having a short season of poetry. All from the dulcet tones of Bill Hicks. It’s not surprising given that the Strolling Chums all live near to where Diddley came from in the Cotswolds. You will remember that we have often told stories about her friendship with…

GAD Revisited

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Bertie: “Bobby? Are you feeling OK, mate? You seem in a bit of a muddle.” Bobby: “I think a lot of people are, Bertie, in these troubled times. Especially older people, who feel isolated while the world talks about all the things they want to reopen while we old grunters are just interested in staying…