Ellen Ellen: “I am only a little bear. I have only written one story. And then only the middle story of three in this blog.

From Gander Green Lane to Wembley

From Gander Green Lane to Wembley we came. 15,000 to support Sutton United. The minnows of the Football League. The culmination of a fairytale story of two year’s success against all the odds. Win or lose, didn’t matter. We were playing at Wembley for the first time in 41 years. Back then, as a non…

Follow that Dream

“Que sera sera What ever will be will be We’re going to Wembley Que sera sera Que sera sera What ever will be will be We’re going to Wembley Que sera sera”

78 and Fulham

78 and Fulham Being greedy, Bobby celebrated his 78th Birthday for four whole days. The theatre; South Bank; the theatre; Brick Lane; The Cemetery. And finally – a special treat. Going back to his first love to watch a big football match.

Just Four Days

Bobby: “Bertie! Our revered Technical Director, Tim, has made an observation. As he cruises serenely along the waterways of England in his canal boat, ‘Sola Gratia‘ with Tracey and the doggies, he notices things.”

We Won the Cup… Hoorah!

Was it the “Greatest Day” again so soon after the last one? “Greatest days” come in all shapes and sizes. In football terms, it could be England 1966. Or East Preston Under 10s in 2019. And who could forget Sutton United just a few weeks ago! But now we celebrate with Worthing Town Ladies Football…

The Greatest Day

It was the Greatest Day for Sutton United. A small football club from Surrey had beaten the odds and the big boys to become a Football League club. Founded 123 years ago, the vast majority of its football life has been as an amateur team. Only in recent years, as amateur status declined, did it…

Johnny Haynes: Captain of Fulham and England

Johnny Haynes Bobby: “I am a writer. Good, bad, indifferent, rubbish, eloquent. I write and am, therefore, a writer. When I see other writing that inspires me, I don’t think ‘I wish I could write like that’ because maybe I already do.

The Story of Eamonn’s New Scarf

Eamonn’s New Scarf Bertie: “Bobby. We have been stuck at home for weeks now, but you seem quite happy. If someone asked you ‘where would you rather be today, anywhere in the world’, what would you say?”

Yes! I Woz There! (Part 2)

I Woz There (Pt 2) So said Bobby, looking back to fifty years ago on the 24th January 1970. Arguably the greatest day in the history of Sutton United. Not the greatest performance, when you lose 6-0 at home. But the greatest occasion, when a tiny amateur team was drawn against the best team in…