When Bertie is on His Holidays…

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Holidays: Holiday Madness Ahead!

Holidays! Bertie and Bobby are on their holidays, so they have foolishly handed the reigns over to me. Tim. The Technical Director!

Unveiling the Bench in Memory of Diddley.

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The Bench: Chris. National Trust Volunteer… "Chris of all trades".

The Bench.

Continental Railway Journeys to Venice.

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Venice. So the romance was over before it had even begun (see Brief Encounter). Good luck Giz A La (Gisele). It was fun. So, here I am. Venice. Walking out of the station, you look down on the Grand Canal. On a scene quite unimaginable the first time. But for a first time you really…

Brief Encounter on a Journey.

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Continental Train Journeys with Bertie… A Brief Encounter. I am a little embarrassed this week. Bobby is so keen to tell you about the journey to Venice that I feel a little “excluded”. I did after all spend most of the journey hidden in a rucksack while he was in full flow. Bobby… “You’re jealous….