Frank Mansell

More Balls Than Most.

More Balls Than Most. Dear Friends – The other week, we reminded you of our positive approach to mental illness. This week we can lighten the mood on the same subject. There is no doubt that relaxation, in what ever form it can take, is beneficial. But not always easy to obtain for the person…


Routemaster…. an Ode to a Bus. The Bus of the Future. Back in 1957, Bobby finally grew up and became a plane spotter. (He still is… nerd!). Forsaking the dirt and smoky grime of steam trains for the shiny glamour of aircraft. Shortly before, he had also left behind his bus spotting days. Just two…

Snowdrops. The Harbingers of Spring.

Snowdrops. THE SONG OF THE SNOWDROP FAIRY Deep, sleeps the Winter, Cold, wet and grey; Surely all the world is dead; Spring is far away. Wait! the world shall waken; It is not dead, for lo, The Fair Maids of  February Stand in the snow!

Frank Mansell

Frank Mansell. It’s the twenty-third of August 2016. Bobby and I are sitting at the Laurie Lee bar in the Woolpack pub at Slad in Gloucestershire. Him talking to anyone who will listen. Me thinking about Frank Mansell. A poet and close friend of Diddley’s. She grew up and went to her first school in…

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