Railway Journeys

Continental Railway Journeys in Germany.

Continental Railway Journeys in Germany. Well here we are back in Lammersdorf, Austria. Writing blogs from an idyllic office. Tom is the new owner of the hotel. Upholding the recent tradition of Dutchmen owning it. He has agreed to be interviewed by me later in the holiday.

Continental Railway Journeys to Venice.

Venice. So the romance was over before it had even begun (see Brief Encounter). Good luck Giz A La (Gisele). It was fun. So, here I am. Venice. Walking out of the station, you look down on the Grand Canal. On a scene quite unimaginable the first time. But for a first time you really…

Brief Encounter on a Journey.

Continental Train Journeys with Bertie… A Brief Encounter. I am a little embarrassed this week. Bobby is so keen to tell you about the journey to Venice that I feel a little “excluded”. I did after all spend most of the journey hidden in a rucksack while he was in full flow. Bobby… “You’re jealous….

Continental Railway Journeys: Austria.

And so to Austria. Bobby loves Austria. Back in 1981, it was the destination for his first holiday abroad. Wallace Arnold coach from Victoria Coach Station. (A future blog). 24 hours. To Lake Achensee, near Innsbruck. Many years later, married to Diddley, he was in a relationship where you followed your dreams – even if…

Paris to Munich.

Railway Journeys: Munich. Clerk Ordinaire, pen pusher, in civil service parlance… an “inky” to a civil engineer’s “oily”. Bobby is all of these things. When Diddley died what was the first thing to do? Correct. Set up a file. With a stationery cupboard looking like a mini Rymans, it was all there. A ring binder….

Continental Railway Journeys: Paris

And so to Paris… As we boarded the Eurostar, I could see that Bobby was deep in thought. Did he wish Diddley was there? He had promised to take her to Paris, but never did. Was he nervous about the adventure? So excited, he had been rendered speechless? No! He was thinking about 1954.

Adventures and Railway Journeys.

Continental Railway Journeys with Bertie London to Paris (nearly). A year ago this week, Bobby and I faced a New Year on our own again. The previous months of funeral to Christmas a blur of activity. Now we could prevaricate, feel miserable, close the door for a while. Which is fine for some. Bereavement is…

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