Mindfully Bertie… An Update

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Update Mindfully Bertie started in August 2016 with “Dream Island“. August 2021 will see us back there for a week if restrictions permit. When the first Covid-19 lockdown started, it soon became obvious that we and our readers would have time on our hands. So, we started a midweek, additional, shorter story. Tim, our Technical…

Fame on The One Show

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Tim and Tracey are famous. Our Technical Director Tim, more importantly our Artistic Director Tracey, but most of all Loki appeared on The One Show on Monday 12 April to celebrate 90 years of Guide Dogs. We all sat and watched it. On iPlayer. Enthralled.

Wonky the Wagtail

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This is a story of courage, fortitude and above all else a never say die attitude to life.

Grumpy Bob

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When the first lockdown came just over a year ago, the naturalist Chris Packham set up a Facebook group called… The Self-Isolating Bird Club.

Thoughts for Today

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Back in 1991, Bobby’s mum Dorothy died at 91. Born in 1899, she had “had a good innings”. She left Bobby a little dosh and he bought me and I came to live at Saffrons in Dorking. At the time, he had worked for the Legal and General Assurance Society (L&G) for 29 years. A…

Puffins Galore

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The National newspapers have been full of the news that Puffins have come back from the ocean to the Welsh islands of Skokholm and Skomer in large numbers. As you knowm we are regular visitors to both and last stayed on Skokholm in August 2019. 2020 was abandoned and our booking carried forward to this…


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Bertie: “Bobby. When we posted Big Garden Birdwatch, we got lots of compliments about the photographs. You took the pictures with your ‘proper’ camera. This one. Fuji X-T20. Nice camera.”