The Greatest Day

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It was the Greatest Day for Sutton United. A small football club from Surrey had beaten the odds and the big boys to become a Football League club. Founded 123 years ago, the vast majority of its football life has been as an amateur team. Only in recent years, as amateur status declined, did it…


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There is something majestic about Wisteria. Each year, in May, these fantastic plants come into their own. There is no other plant quite like them. In Japan and China where they originate they have assumed mystical qualities and have been turned into quite incredible exhibitions of creativity.

Sir George Edwards

Posted on 16/05/2021 By

From Bouncing Bomb to Concorde “IT’S SIR GEORGE EDWARDS!” So exclaimed Bobby back in the 1980s. Sitting outside St Martha’s church above Chilworth in the spring sunshine. His walking companion of thirty years and first wife had no idea who he was talking about, but could heard a loud voice telling a small group of…

Tillingbourne Tales. Walk No 1: Chilworth and St Martha’s

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Chilworth and St Martha’s Back in Bobby’s schoolboy days, he lived in North Cheam. Now just within Greater London. His first experience of the Surrey Hills was cycling to Boxhill. Racing down the famous zig-zag road without pedalling to see how far you could go. Later, with his girlfriend and wife to be, they explored…

The Art of Kate

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Today is a milestone. Mindfully Bertie has reached its 300th story. And this is the first since we returned to one a week on Sunday afternoon. We are privileged to have a very special guest. Our very own resident artist Kate. While some of us are good at expressing our emotions through music, others are…