Bobby and the 43 Steps

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43 Steps

The Bench at Diddley’s View

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The Bench Five years ago, 17 January 2017, we welcomed something very special into our lives. The Bench. Since then it has become central to our lives. A place of pilgrimage to remember Diddley. Becoming in effect ‘Diddley’s Bench’ at ‘Diddley’s View’.

Daphne on Battlestone Hill

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Daphne If you have ‘Smellovision’, you are in luck, for this is the most highly scented blog we have ever written.

A Message from Oakley the Guide Dog

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A Message from Over the Rainbow Bridge Hi, this is a message from Oakley the Guide Dog (retired) from the never-ending carrot patch. I am the happiest pupster ever here! I know I left a lot of leaky eyes back in life-as-you-all-know-it, but you just have to know it is a million times better here!…

A Perfect Day

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Perfect Day This story started as ‘Coming Home’. Then became ‘How Important is it?’. Almost declared at ‘People’. But definitely rests now at ‘Perfect Day‘.