Missing You. Bobby’s Railway Adventure.

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Missing you. Bertie: “Bobby… will it always be like this? Will we ever go to those places we love again? I really miss all those adventures.” Bobby: “I am sure we will, Bertie. But a lot of people like me will be too nervous to go for quite a while. All we can do is…

Bobby’s Rant

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Bobby’s Rant. “Cor blimey! I dunno! Poor old Bobby’s in a right old two and eight. I think lockdown is getting to him. He sent this message to his friends in London early morning and no one replied. Probably thinking ‘silly old sod!’. He also sent it to a very respectable lady of the cloth…

Bobby’s April Breakfast Birdwatch.

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Breakfast Birdwatch. Each year, the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) organise a Big Garden Birdwatch. Taking place over the last weekend in January, we are asked to spend an hour watching birds in our gardens and recording what we see. And then entering those results on the RSPB website. If you haven’t…

The Spotted Flycatcher.

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The Spotted Flycatcher. Each morning we read the Skokholm Island blog. Written by wardens Richard and Giselle it is, of course, largely bird or natural history focussed. After all it is, in company with its equally illustrious neighbour Skomer Island, world famous for its seabird colonies. Both have been featured regularly in Mindfully Bertie. On…

The Chief Scout

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The Chief Scout. In the early part of the twentieth century, a movement for young people was started that quickly swept the world. The Boy Scouts. In time, this also included the Girl Guides and the Wolf Cubs for younger boys. Millions of people today have fond memories of their young days in this organisation….

Angels Wings

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Angels Wings As the years went by, we got used to Diddley’s idiosyncrasies. When her mother, the lovely Sarah, died, she developed a new one. If she found a single white feather in front of her she would say… “That’s my Mum, telling me she is alright.” We thought it a nice sentiment. She told…

Charles Rolls – Aviation Pioneer

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Charles Rolls. Aviation Pioneer. Back in 2007, Bobby took part in a walking holiday with his office friends. It was the heyday of the Adventure Club he had helped to form that has been featured in these stories before. They stayed in Ross on Wye and one day walked a length of the River Wye…

The Beautiful Adonis Blue Butterfly

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The Adonis Blue Bertie: “Cor. I dunno. First of all, Bobby says he wants to tell the story of a beautiful butterfly. Then he asks bleedin Trevor to write it! I mean!” Trevor: “Look, Bertie. Let’s be perfectly honest. You do write most of the stories.” Bertie: “It’s my bleedin blog!”