Covid-19 Guided Walk for One. Number 8: Gower. Rhossili to Mewslade Bay.

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Gower. Rhossili to Mewslade Bay. And so we finally got to the Gower. Driving west from Swansea as far as you could go to beautiful Rhossili. Memories of the early eighties came flooding back. The weather was glorious and we decide to do the simple walk to Mewslade Bay that we had done half a…

Rolls-Royce Young Designer Competition – The Results

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The Results Back in April, Andrew announced this very special competition.

Emmylou Harris

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Memories of California Emmylou Harris

Conceptulution, Evolution, Revolution, Bertielution.

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Evolution. When we attended the Gentle Author’s course in Spitalfields in 2016, we had no idea about blogging. The course was entitled “How to write a blog that people will want to read”. For us, we felt a need to express ourselves. A desire to honour the memory of Diddley. To have fun. We had…

Breakfast at the Bluebird Café

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Bertie: “Bobby, what are we doing today?” Bobby: “We are going to Andrew’s. Morris the Mechanic is servicing the car’s brakes.”

When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano.

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They left Huntingdon Beach (Surf City USA) on a glorious morning to drive south down the Pacific Coast Highway. It was the last day of a week exploring the California Coast in the middle of a three week holiday with friends Dave and Mar. Old schoolfriends of Diddley’s, who had settled in California years before….

It’s a Beautiful World. Sand Martins and Serenity.

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Dunsborough Park 2020

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Bertie: “Bobby – is it the last day of summer?” Bobby: “Looks like it, Bertie. We are going to Dunsborough Park tomorrow and the forecast is cold and wet!” Bertie: “Count me out.” Bobby: “I already have!” Bertie: “Thanks.”