Lighting a Candle for Diddley (and for Peter)

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Lighting a Candle

Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace

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Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace They’re changing the guard at Buckingham Palace. Bobby and Bertie didn’t take Alice. Whose Alice? Dunno

Just Four Days

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Bobby: “Bertie! Our revered Technical Director, Tim, has made an observation. As he cruises serenely along the waterways of England in his canal boat, ‘Sola Gratia‘ with Tracey and the doggies, he notices things.”

Three Little Boys

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Once upon a time there were Three Little Boys. Jason, Jay and Bobby Jason is tiny and not yet two. Jay is little and nearly six. Bobby is huge and nearly 78. Jason doesn’t say much. He wouldn’t yet, would he? Thinks a lot. Jay is the live-wire that Bobby was told he was when…


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Many of our stories are written straight off the cuff and are then refined. Changed a little. Sometimes, the final version is quite different to the original idea. On rare occasions, where a lot of emotion is involved, it seems best to just write it while the state of mind exists and just tidy up…