Blog for Betty Boop.

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Betty Boop & Bertie.

Betty Boop and Bobby. Bertie… “WHAT! You did WHAT! How MUCH? What’s she doing here? You have always said that no one could replace Diddley. No one could love you as she did, and then shove you in the madhouse the next moment. No one else could be Beryl the Peril to your Dennis the…

A Tale of Two Cities: St David’s and London.

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A Tale of Two Cities: Bertie and a Constable

A Tale of Two Cities. Over just two days, Bobby and I spent cultural time in Two Cities. The smallest in Britain. St David’s in Wales. The next day the largest. London. Population over 8 million, compared with St David’s at 1,600. The link might have been cathedrals. The definition of “city” requiring a cathedral….

A Day at the London Transport Museum.

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London Transport Museum: A railway especially for me. A tube train...

The London Transport Museum. Bertie… “A whole day at a museum! How boring is that!” Bobby… “Now, now Bertie. This is a special museum. Wonderful for children, bear’s and old chaps reliving their youth.” So, I was shoved unceremoniously into that red rucksack for atmospheric Acton. And what a surprise was waiting for me. Brilliant!…

Adventures and Railway Journeys.

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Continental Railway Journeys with Bertie London to Paris (nearly). A year ago this week, Bobby and I faced a New Year on our own again. The previous months of funeral to Christmas a blur of activity. Now we could prevaricate, feel miserable, close the door for a while. Which is fine for some. Bereavement is…

Thinkings of Old Bears.

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Old Bears.

Old Bears. The mist hung low over South Holmwood village. I didn’t want to go out in the damp. Not good for my mohair. Bobby wanted to go to football in Sutton and I thought “You go, I’ll stay here cosy and warm. I can listen to Kate Rusby again!” Old Bears Syndrome?