Skokholm Island. A Welsh Trilogy. Part 3: Kenny, Birdringer.

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Kenny Birdringer: Relaxing together.

Kenny: Birdringer. We arrived at Martin’s Haven on Tuesday. A group grabbed Bobby’s heavy gear and carried it up the steps to the boat. We knew we were with friends for a week. On this, the finale of our trilogy, we talk to Kenny Birdringer. OK, that’s not his real surname, but it has a…

Skokholm Island. A Welsh Trilogy. Part 2: Kate Strudwick, Musician.

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Kate Strudwick: Me Reading Robert Lockley's Books.

Kate Strudwick: Composer, Writer, Musician. Bobby has met all sorts of people on the islands. Richard Brown (Warden) told him last year that ornithologists are only one group. There are artists, photographers and people like a Bobby who loves wild, free places that have an element of safe passage about them. But, in all those…

Skokholm Island. A Welsh trilogy. Part 1: Giselle Eagle, Ornithologist.

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Giselle Eagle: Giselle and Bertie.

Giselle Eagle: Ornithologist. Just over a year ago, the very first blog posted for Mindfully Bertie was entitled “Dream Island”. A story about a beautiful island off the Welsh coast, and Bobby’s love affair with Pembrokeshire and its islands. A year later, we are back to start a Welsh season for Mindfully Bertie. Commencing with…

An Outbreak of Common Sense.

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Outbreak of Common Sense: Hernia Nurse.

Bobby & a day of Common Sense. Friday: Bertie: “Gordon Bennett Bobby! Are we really going to Flying Legends on Saturday and the Watercress Line Gala on Sunday. In a heatwave? Have you no common sense?” Bobby: “You’re not invited to Flying Legends. You’ve been before, and it’s too hot to cart you around.” Bertie:…