Wisley Titbits.

Where once we charged all over the place: Up to London, to the cinema, to the theatre, the BFI, St Martin’s in the Fields, riding on our senior railcard, luxuriating with our free bus pass – we now realise that many pleasures open to us over many years have been neglected due to the absence…

Dunsborough Park 2020

Bertie: “Bobby – is it the last day of summer?” Bobby: “Looks like it, Bertie. We are going to Dunsborough Park tomorrow and the forecast is cold and wet!” Bertie: “Count me out.” Bobby: “I already have!” Bertie: “Thanks.”

The Summer Rain

Bertie: “Wot??? We are going to Wisley Gardens this afternoon. It’s raining and forecast to get worse!” Bobby: “There is no ‘we’. You are always going on about your mohair, so I am going on my own!” And he did.

Goodbye Montana.

Goodbye Montana We came to live in Laurel Cottage in 1999. Diddley already lived here. The house looked very different then.

Tulips at Dunsborough Park

Tulips Back in April 2015, Diddley showed Bobby an advert in the local newspaper for a “Tulip Festival”. It was at a garden he had not heard of. Dunsborough Park at Ripley. Not far from RHS Wisley Gardens. Just about this time, in April. They went and loved it. Particular the charity run garden tea….

Feeling a bit Wordsworth.

Feeling a bit Wordsworth. Bertie: “You OK, Bobby?” Bobby: “Not really, Bertie. I feel quite discombobulated. Certainly a little pensive. Maybe a bit vacant at times.” Tim: “I hope you’re not feeling at all maudlin, Bobby. I felt you were quite chipper when we met up just a few weeks ago. You really seemed to…

A Morning with the National Trust Volunteers.

A Morning with the National Trust Volunteers.

Believe in Tomorrow Garden, Hampton Court Flower Festival.

Believe in Tomorrow Bertie: “Bobby, I thought you ‘bleedin’ ‘ated’ the Hampton Court Flower Show!” Bobby: “I do!” Bertie: “So why are we going then?” Bobby: “You’re not!” Bertie: “Oh! Thanks.”

The Secrets of Worthing Gardens.

Worthing Gardens. Ambrose Place Back Gardens. Each year, the secret back gardens of Ambrose Place in Worthing are opened to the public in aid of the National Garden Scheme. The Yellow Book to many. Last year we went with Merrill and wrote a story about it, which never saw the light of day. So here…

Sitting on a Bench.

Sitting on a Bench. Bobby looks forward to Tuesdays. A train ride to London. Usually Farringdon. A nice walk to Islington, through what turns out to be the design centre of London. He always leaves the Al-Anon meetings feeling better than when he went in. And looking forward to a myriad of choices of how…

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